MyLücke App makes parking easy

A new App called MyLücke is transforming the metropolitan parking economy. Not only is MyLücke making parking in LA easier overall, it is a huge help for anyone attending this year’s upcoming WeHo Halloween Carnival! MyLücke is an on-demand, private parking marketplace that makes hourly, daily, weekly and monthly parking easier for drivers, while serving as an additional source of income for people with under-utilized parking spaces.



The app-based solution aims to solve the parking crisis that plagues LA! With MyLücke, event-goers can park their cars in private, secure spots near the parade without having to spend time circling for oh-so-limited street parking or paying skyrocketed fees at public lots.

When Founder and CEO, Emily Webb, moved to Los Angeles she noticed how even a short 30-minute drive can become a full hour task if a driver is forced to add extra time to seek parking once they arrive at their destination. Emily was paying outrageous amounts of money for public parking, oftentimes $30 – $40 a day – not to mention the cost of tickets for expired metered parking and street cleaning. Plus the extra time looking for parking ruined the driving experience and caused her unnecessary delays and stress. For most people, the lack of reliable, cost-effective parking can become a daily inconvenience and ultimately, affect the lifestyle and happiness of people’s every day experiences.myluckeappmakesfindingparkingeasy

MyLücke not only helps frustrated drivers with a few clicks find parking spaces, but allows residents to earn extra money by simply renting out their parking spaces when not in use. Unique features of the App include  the ability for parkers to extend their reservation through the app based/dependent on availability. MyLücke also has a 24/7 parking concierge and customer support. The best part is that MyLücke Renters receive 100% of the rate set. (MyLücke adds and collects a surcharge- paid by Parkers- to the rate that Renters list their parking space for.)

Make your life easier. Download the App for free.


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