Healing Hate

Healing hate begs the question, what is hate? The Merriam Webster dictionary says, “Intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.”

My spiritual practice is rooted in the teachings of the Vedic Scriptures of India. The Vedas say we are in the age of Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is one of four cycles in time that continuously perpetuate for eternity. We are only 5,000 years into the age of Kali, a cycle that lasts for 432,000 years. In the age of Kali, good (souls) people are less, bad people are more.

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The stock market plummeted the day after the vote. We will have a new president who seems to be as unpredictable as the wind. He embodies the collective consciousness, the majority of souls incarnated on the planet at this time. Will he build a new Berlin wall across the north Mexican border? Will he drop a nuclear bomb on our planet? All frightening affirmations that we are in fact steeped in the darkest, most materialistic age of the four yugas.

In the face of these possible feared outcomes, real or not, how must I navigate through this age of Kali? How do I hold onto goodness in the face of hate, darkness and negativity? It requires transcending the split between good and evil, right and wrong.

The Vedas hold a hope for us in the age of Kali and that is, that it’s the easiest time to make great spiritual advancement. The split between light and darkness is so evident that it requires great inner strength to choose the high road.

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Michelle Obama advised Hillary, “When he goes low, you go high.”

Vedic Scriptures say, we hurt the ten people closest to us, the most. I translate this into the hard work practice of tolerance with kindness toward my colleagues, friends and family members. Who doesn’t want the fun of having a ranting temper tantrum in front of a whole lot of people like Trump?

Solace comes to me when I hold steadfast to my spiritual practice. My practice is only one, to use the preciousness of this human life to grow my spiritual heart. This is the where I find strength, courage and peace, to increase my identification with that which is eternal and not temporary and material.

The material world ebbs and flows. There will be cycles of time, yugas that are prosperous and other times that are wrought with ills and scarcity. In the face of world changes that are stark, it takes every ounce of my self-will to exercise the spiritual muscles of tolerance, gratitude and kindness.

For me that means examining what I can do something about and what I can do nothing about. I am helpless to change the outcome of the vote.  I am in full support of taking whatever actions I can to fight against unfair policies that may be implemented under this new regime but I have no wish to become an activist, go to rallies, fight for new strategies or seek impeachment. Activism is an important and necessary form of healing for some.

For me personally, I have chosen a path of healer. My contribution is commitment toward identifying what I can do nothing about and doing something about the only thing I do have control over, my inner state of peace even in the face of adversity, poverty or war. Easier said than done, but where else will I find my power except within?

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Complaints are a subtle form of hatred, self-hatred projected outward.

There is a cost to harboring hate when I do not do my work of acceptance around the actions and behaviors of others that I can do nothing about. The price is living in a state of fear, hate or agitation that can be detrimental to my psyche and physical health. I pray to be lifted from the loss of inner peace by harboring hate. I send you all my love that you too may find the inner peace that anchors you through turbulent times.

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