You are Perfectly Imperfect – Techniques to help you heal

Are you seeking for perfection? I know I’m not.  As I have gotten older, the wisdom has become more and more clear that in fact, there is no such thing.  I believe we are perfectly imperfect exactly the way we are wherever we are on our journeys (period). So what do you do when something in your life has taken you astray clouding your judgement … Continue reading You are Perfectly Imperfect – Techniques to help you heal

How to Find an Exceptional Therapist, Healer, or Coach

How do you know if you’re working with someone who is actually helping you? How do you know how to trust someone else’s perspectives more than your own? How do you know if what a therapist is telling you is true? It’s challenging to find a therapist, energy healer or coach who can truly help you. Here are some ways to CHECK if the work you are … Continue reading How to Find an Exceptional Therapist, Healer, or Coach

How to create an attitude of gratitude

What you think in your mind, you become like that.   The first time I heard that quote, I got really scared, because wow…the thoughts in my mind are often negative, limiting and critical. When my mind was so busy finding fault with others, I began to realize how true that quote was.  As soon as my thoughts are critical of someone being arrogant, I … Continue reading How to create an attitude of gratitude

Thanks ~ giving

I want to thank you for stopping to read this article and learning about self-growth. Now please, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Open your energy system and be receptive to the gift of thanks I’d like to give you. Think for a moment how your commitment to growing your inner light has affected those who live in the glow of your light. This quote beautifully explains our inner striving to … Continue reading Thanks ~ giving

Healing Hate

Healing hate begs the question, what is hate? The Merriam Webster dictionary says, “Intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.” My spiritual practice is rooted in the teachings of the Vedic Scriptures of India. The Vedas say we are in the age of Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is one of four cycles in time that continuously perpetuate for eternity. We … Continue reading Healing Hate

You Didn’t Call Me Back

You’re right, I didn’t call you back. I’m guilty. When I’m in a Recovery Cycle it could take me a few days. I don’t know much about astrology but I know about emotional Recovery Cycles. I wish more people did because not knowing causes so much more emotional pain! Over the past few weeks it seems like there’s something up astrologically around emotions because emotional … Continue reading You Didn’t Call Me Back