Rachel Zoe’s spring Box of Style

Everywhere you turn there is a new Box of Something that can be quickly shipped to your door every season or every month with specialty products somehow you feel you must own. Last week we joined other tastemakers at the launch of Rachel’s Zoe’s new Spring 2017 #BoxofStyle at The Zoe Report in West Hollywood.

For fashionistas and beauty product lovers, this box is for you! My favorite takeaways were the BKR glass water bottle with silicone skin so it won’t break, valued at around $35, perfect for the car, the office, and your workout. Just refill, and cut down on plastic water bottles! Another favorite gift in the box that I carefully unwrapped (or rather tore apart in the car like Christmas) were the gold Ivo Earrings from Adornmade. Retail value is $62 and they also come in silver, but what is cool about these sculptural earrings is that you can wear the bars alone, add the hoop to elevate your look for evening, or get edgy with one bar in one ear and the hoop in the other.

Box of Style Rachel Zoe
Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

My third favorite gift goody comes from Tatcha, a polished gentle rice enzyme powder. This ‘Skin Savior’ gets creamy with a little water and gently exfoliates leaving you glowing. The Box of Style is a fun way to discover new products, or give the ones away you won’t use. Filled with about 6 gifts, there is good value in these quarterly boxes, some with exclusive collaborations.

What do you like in the spring Box of Style?

For $100 a box, get your own @tzrboxofstyle sent to your home four times a year. Visit thezoereport.com/refer to see how you can get your next season of chic for free by getting 5 of your closest friends to subscribe. Also, each box comes with coupon codes for discounts for each brand, in case you want to keep shopping.


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