Olivia Munn Establishes L.A.’s Newest Thing: Jerky Tasting

In honor of National Beef Jerky Day, which we annually observe on the twelfth of the June (and quick aside, has still yet to be named a national holiday) Master Jerky Sommelier and movie star Olivia Munn hosted a jerky tasting and pairing for elite members of the social variety of media. The exclusive event presented by Chef’s Cut Jerky was held behind the velvet ropes at a gas station (a Chevron, if I remember correctly), a clever homage to the superfood’s origin as a mere convenience snack.

Munn shows off her hard-earned Master Jerky Sommelier pin. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

Munn explained the proper etiquette involved in tasting jerky, noting that debagging the jerky into a serving container was critical.

“It’s all about the debag,” she said dryly, maintaining the composed features of one of those rare actors with the gravitas of delivering Aaron Sorkin dialogue.

The Butcher: bourbon, bacon bitters and maple syrup-drenched bacon. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

The star of screen, both big and small, cavorted with amateur tasters, showcasing a wit as sharp as her palate. Despite her MJS (Master Jerky Sommelier degree), Munn displayed a certain touch with the common man, evidencing the possibility that she has not let go to her head her newfound fame in the realm of jerked beef cuisine.

Among the nuggets of wisdom that Munn debagged for me was her favorite jerky recipe: a thin wedge of green apple topped with a small chunk of Brie and Chef’s Cut teriyaki turkey jerky. She confessed to enjoying it on set as she works. The crispness and sourness of the apple is offset by the soft, rich creaminess of the cheese, and is additionally balanced by the saltiness, smokiness and tanginess of the meat. Furthermore, the hors d’oeuvre provides nourishment between meals, or to work long hours on set, with the sugar of the green apple supplying energy, the protein of the meat maintaining strength and the saturated fat of the cheese staving off hunger.

Full disclosure: I had a shot of the Sriracha Bacon BLT — an heirloom cherry stuffed with spiced avocado and topped with bacon Sriracha jerky and a leaf of wild arugula, but it didn’t photograph well. So here, once again, is the effervescent Olivia Munn, who looks just as delicious and who always photographs well. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

In a city that loves novelty cuisines, jerky is now the latest trend. Smoked meat, Bon appetit!





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