Tequila Avión and the Holidays

Eggnog is for Amateurs. Those of us who truly know how to celebrate or drown out the holiday spirit turn to the beverage that matters… Tequila, really Good Tequila.

That being said, is there a better way to spend a Thursday night during the holidays than sampling some amazing crafted holiday Tequila based cocktails, at three of West Hollywood’s finest establishments?… nope.

Thanks to the guys at Tequila Avión (who must have been sensing my need for some holiday cheer), we did just that!

The tour started at Tart @Farmers Daughter, which due to a very newby and confused Uber driver I was robbed of experiencing the Manhattan 44 (Avión Reserva 44, Sweet Vermouth, Mexican Chocolate bitters, Angostura Bitters, Orange Peel) and anyone who knows me, knows I can’t turn down a Manhattan, especially one made with aged Tequila. By all reports… it was pretty darn good! Damn you Uber.

I met up with this Tequila Trollop at EP/LP where we got a glimpse of The Instagram Model .. not Rocky Barnes or Gemma Lee Ferrel, but EP/LP’s holiday special cocktail (Avion Silver, Dimmi Apricot Apertivo, Spiced Apple Bitters, Lime) served in a coupe complete with a flower in her hair.

And off we went…

The evenings main event brought us to the doors of The Nice Guy! Once our group got settled in at a table that brought back memories of a overcrowded dining room with too many chairs and not enough table … we began our feast! Round after round of The Nice Guys holiday cocktails and menu tastings.

The stars for me were the the meatballs (so good that someone stole one before I could get a picture) and the Spicy Siena (Avion Reposado, Fresno Chili, Agave Nectar, Cilantro), a perfect blend of spicy and sweet, unlike my ex -wife.

But, we were here to meet the granddaddy of the family… Avion Riserva 44! This aged anejo was just right. Smooth, sultry and simply put… a sexy drink. Keep it bare.

Great food, great company and some stellar Tequila Avión can make an holiday outing that much more bearable.

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