Lucha VaVoom brings nonstop laughs

We did not know what to expect when we arrived at the historic Mayan Theater in downtown LA the day after Valentine’s Day for Lucha Vavoom. The mystery behind it all had us intrigued, especially since the sold-out show was created in Los Angeles.

Lucha Vavooooooom did not disappoint. We laughed so hard, we almost cried. The lewdness, the bravado, the wild insanity of it all tantalized us for many hours with nonstop action. The show was like a vaudeville comedy paired with wild tantalizing contortionist burlesque dance acts involving poles and aerial maneuvers, coupled with scantily clad Mexican masked wrestlers. Where is the world can you witness that? #OnlyinLA

MC’s Blaine Capatch and Jeff Davis kept the audience entertained with their insanely off-the-cuff commentary as acts continued to come out to WOW the audience. The LA Roller Girls spun all over on their roller skates as they opened the performance with their cool 80’s moves. Matches included dirty underwear tricks with Dirty Sanchez, a Penis flex move with Joey Ryan, street-ster Li’l Cholo, gender-bending exotic Ruby Gardena, Crazy Chickens and OMG, the Minis!

When the MC’s yelled LUCHA, the audience cheered in response VAVOOM! We were lucky to have a seat with a table close to the ring, while many guests stood in the area near the bar. The room was packed with dates and Girls Nights Out in full Mexican wrestling attire.

Towards the end, professional wrestlers in hilarious costumes flew through the air into the audience, bounced off the ring ropes and flipped each other into harrowing moves on the floor with loud bangs.

This show brought so much joy to so many people for 3 hours that we weren’t surprised to learn Lucha Vavoom travels the world and has been around for 15 years.

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