Boozy Brunch’n at Nighthawk Breakfast Bar

For a boozy brunch the morning after or to keep your nighttime affair rolling, fire it up with Spiked Cereal Milk at this fun little Breakfast Bar spot in Venice called Nighthawk. Cocoa Puffs with Vanilla Vodka, Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch and Bourbon, yes, please! Your childhood leftover cereal bowl milk has been infused with a kick.












Founded by celebrity chef and restauranteur Jeremy Fall, soak up the strong pours with Chicken and Biscuits or Chicken and Sweet Potato Pancakes, Candied Bacon, Drunken (brandy-infused) French Toast with Krispies coating the Brioche, Duck Confit Hash, and Benedict Fries with pit-smoked ham, peppers, gruyere, and smoked paprika hollandaise sauce with an egg on top.

Open ‘til midnight or later.

Warning: Do not enter if on a diet, have dietary restrictions, or are a picky eater who wants to change menu items with substitutions.

Move over night owl, be a Nighthawk!


417 Washington Blvd.

Venice, CA 90292




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