Dine like grown ups at Belvedere in Beverly Hills

For an adult night out, dine like grown-ups in Beverly Hills at Belvedere inside the opulent five-star Peninsula Hotel. Soak up the sunshine on the terrace or sit inside at one of the elegant tables, with French country chairs, surrounded by impressive modern art. To dine here always seems special.

Personable Executive Chef David Codney keeps dishes simple by using high-quality locally sourced ingredients, wild-caught seafood, and even ingredients harvested on the hotel’s rooftop garden.

“I don’t want the food to be something that took 15 hours to cook. It’s meant to be rustic and identifiable- it’s not food that’s been broken down so much that you don’t know what it is,” says Chef David Codney.

The Mediterranean Californian cuisine includes some of our personal favorites: Gnocchi Porcini and Duck Confit Orecchiette (pasta that looks like small ears) with fancy mushrooms and sundried tomatoes.

The Dungeness Crab Flatbread loaded with fresh crab plus confit tomatoes, the Mr. Z Mediterranean Market Salad with crunchy pita crisps, and the Charred Caesar with Crispy Brussels sprouts and Kale with a white anchovy peppercorn dressing are all outstanding starters to share.

As a side, you may wish to try the Whole-Roasted Cauliflower head. Move over boring old cauliflower, this one comes with garlic aioli, gremolata flavoring, and crunchies on top.

You can expect world-class service in this warm, inviting atmosphere as numerous servers take care of your every need, from squeegeeing the crumbs off your linen, spacing out your food selections, and making sure your wine glass doesn’t run dry.


End your night with their luscious Bombolini (doughnut holes filled with cream) or the jaw-dropping Fabergé Egg decked in edible paint and gold foil and little holes – perfect for Easter and springtime! Crack the chocolate egg to reveal the contents of chocolate fudge and gelato or one of their rotating flavor combos.

Belvedere at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

9882 S Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(310) 975-2736


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