Hop the train for haute cuisine at Crossings in Pasadena

For a memorable culinary experience, take a train ride to Crossings in South Pasadena, just a short hop from the Gold Line station, only one stop away from Highland Park.

New menu item – orange chicken with egg yolk made from sunchokes

One of our favorite meals of last year came from Gargantua, a Santa Monica pop-up. Now one of Gargantua’s chefs, Kevin Malone, has made a new home at Crossings. This South Pasadena two-story exposed brick restaurant, in a historic 1908 building, is centrally located on charming Mission Street. The intimate, comfortable space features two bars, a wine loft, and a patio with a 100-year old oak tree.

Hamachi Collar

The ambiance sets the mood, but the thoughtful food menu and carefully cultivated wine selection are the real winners. My husband and I adored the 2007 full-bodied robust spicy and silky Cabernet Sauvignon Monte Rosse, one bottle out of 250 cases produced in Sonoma. You can research your own wine choice on their handy Ipad wine menu.

Beef tartare

The artistic chef concocted an impressive menu with unique dishes like Uni Carbonara with smoked egg yolk, chorizo and San Joaquin gold cheese, Hamachi Collar – flame broiled and rubbed in the Yucatan spice Pibil and served with handmade tortillas, and Beef Tartar with finely chopped ginger that entirely changed my opinion about beef tartare, presented with mini flowers on top.

Uni Pasta

Other dishes worthy to share are the Roasted Sunchokes with a habanero orange glaze, fresh Hamachi Verde with snap peas and kaffir lime, and the Spinach Mushroom Salad with Maitaki and Beech mushrooms.

Wagyu with charcoal potatoes

Find room to end your culinary evening by sharing the Pot De Crème with hints of Ancho Chili and espresso, topped with rice and almond-flavored Horchata foam.

Pot De Crème



1010 Mission St

South Pasadena, CA 91030

(626) 799-7001



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