Mind Fish, not your ordinary can of tuna

I found myself deep in Hollywood for a private multi-course meal, every dish created with tuna, but not your ordinary can of tuna from Trader Joe’s. Our courses were artfully and thoughtfully prepared by well known and well loved Los Angeles chef Teresa Montaño known for her modern Spanish concept Ración. Tonight she was working hard to fulfill and satisfy our appetites with tuna infused dishes using Mindfish Co., a sustainable seafood company that launched their first product – line caught wild Skipjack Tuna. The fish are caught one at a time in the Maldives (canned there) without harming other marine life.



Our Mindful dinner next to other passionate Angeleno foodies included 6 courses, such as basque tuna wrapped in avocado and creamy Pecorino Romano Pasta infused with tuna. The third course included lobster dashi marmitako, meaning “from the pot.” Antalva Imports selected exceptional wines to pair with each course. Guests ooohed and aaaahed over new ways to use tuna in everyday dishes.


“We believe that responsibly sourcing fish and changing consumer behavior will conserve fish stocks and diverse marine ecosystems for future generations” says Jerry Lin, founder of Mind Fish Co.


Pole and line fishing is a centuries-old technique and continues to employ the fishing communities of the Maldives where their only natural renewable resource is the Wild Skipjack Tuna. Mind Fish plans to supply pelagic forage fish such as canned sardines and anchovies in late 2018. In 2019 Mindfish hopes to expand to projects that include sustainable shellfish farming projects in Alaska and Chile.


The products will be distributed by United Natural Foods (UNFI), a distributor of natural and organic foods, specialty foods in US and Canada. The canned Wild Skipjack Tuna can currently be purchased at Urban Radish in Downtown Los Angeles and online at Amazon.


Chef Teresa is currently working on her new concept Otoño which is set to open its doors in Highland Park in May 2018.

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