Recharge and Unwind in the Redwoods at 1440 Multiversity

This article was first published on MoneyInc, May 2018. Find the full article HERE.

After a quick flight from Los Angeles to San Jose and a 30-minute Uber ride, I found myself immediately unwinding as the air chilled and the silence of the redwoods made my ears happy. The noise and angst of LA and the traffic buzz of daily life can really get to you over time and often one forgets how damaging it can be, until it’s gone. As much as I madly love LA, it can be an unsettling scenario to stay there too long, one that warrants time away periodically to rejuvenate your soul, disconnect from the chaos, and reconnect with nature.


When I was invited to 1440 Multiversity for a few nights, I jumped at the chance to nourish my mind and heart with a life “break.” Once a Bible college started in the 1950’s, this 75-acre campus nestled in the California redwoods is now a brand new holistic learning destination that brings together practitioners and passionate people who want to live a better life. Close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley and beyond, think of the stay as equal parts learning and equal parts vacation with inspiring and relevant program sessions, daily wellness offerings, nourishing cuisine, access to holistic amenities, and a unique opportunity to gain inspiration, skills, and connections.


1440 is the number of minutes in a day. Multiversity wants you to remember that each minute is a chance to connect with what truly matters – both within and around us. My daily minutes were definitely accounted for in my stay, as the schedule was filled with activities starting at 6:45 am. It was my choice whether I wanted to attend them all, but my short stint included daily yoga classes, a wine and dessert reception under the stars, an herbal massage at the healing arts center, a nature walk, a cooking demo with Michelle Tam, a drumming class, an experiential voice and movement class, and incredible uber-healthy meal options, along with live music one evening by folk musicians MaMuse. Retreating to my cozy room with luxurious bath and private balcony facing the forest was a welcome ending to each day.

One of my favorite parts about my stay was the stillness and calm of the campus. Although I loved chatting with new friends over a multitude of incredibly healthy organic farm to table meals in the beautiful dining hall or relaxing in the redwoods in the heated infinity pool post-massage, walking in the forest nearby made me happy. I hugged and kissed grand 350-foot redwood trees and gazed in awe at a bright yellow banana slug. I learned the spongey, porous, ancient redwood trees (some 2,000 years old) nourish each other under the ground as their grand root system intertwines, even 50 feet across! These sacred protected trees are impervious to mold, fire, and insects. Some have lightning scars and the massive mother trees are surrounded by baby trees often fusing together. The way the roots interconnect with other redwood roots to create an underground network of powerful connection is much like the purpose of Multiversity. As we talk and listen to each another, we learn from others who were once total strangers about their lives, dreams, aspirations, passions, and families, and there is growth within us. That’s what this place is about.


The founder, Scott Kriens (Chairman and former CEO of Juniper Networks) let us know that 1440 Multiversity is not a category like a retreat, but it is an evolving landscape about human energy!


“That tapping of human energy, everything becomes possible. That energy helps us become more creative and apply things to our lives that help us flourish. If we can have that happen here, that is our definition of success. I have a basic faith that people are good and want to do good.”


His wife Joanie Kriens, also the creator of this learning destination, said she wants the beautiful and nurturing location to be a container for collaboration….“education in a safe place for wellness and more. We want it to be an Invitation to all.”


Since May 2017 Multiversity has hosted over 600 programs and over 12,000 guests. The campus can sleep 377 guests at a time with a program capacity of 750 people. Attend a 5-day program from thought leaders who bring cutting-edge approaches that blend the latest in science with direct experience learning. Leadership and corporate retreats that foster team building, problem solving, and improving results are popular. Recently, 1440 Multiversity offers Discovery Weekends, curated weekends designed to introduce guests to the campus and its offerings. Your creative exploration includes mixing and matching a curated experience that works for you based on what’s being offered. It is a special place designed to immerse guests in connection, creativity, embodiment, and nature.

Some of my personal favorite guests have included Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilbert. There are a plethora of inspiring sessions coming up, like Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way who will hold a 2-night immersion experience called Blasting through Blocks and Alanis Morissette, Ann Randolph, and Justin Hilton who will host Exploring self and Self in August. Relationship and parenting workshop weekends can be found at Multiversity as well as writing, moving (yoga, breathwork, mindfulness), self-improvement type lectures, and more learning opportunities.

Support and nourish your mind and soul with a personal getaway or attend an event or corporate retreat. Learn, relax, recharge, and have conversations that matter.


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