Love SUGARFISH? Try KazuNori – The Original Handroll Bar from Sushi Nozawa Group

Hand roll heaven. In my sushi excursions, I am often the one ordering hand rolls for myself which is how I prefer my sushi, so when I heard about Sugar Fish’s new concept that just offers hand rolls, I was excited! KazuNori (The Original Hand Roll Bar) is like SUGARFISH’s cousin. Locations can be found in Santa Monica, Downtown LA, and Westwood.

Westwood location

Similar to LA’s beloved SUGARFISH menu where you can order the Trust Me or other rolled out menus for a set price, KazuNori offers 3 handrolls for $12 that include Bay Scallop, Crab, and Salmon.  Set menus for 4, 5 and 6 handrolls are also available or you can pick a set menu and add extras. Of course, only the freshest fish is used with specially harvested Nori, housemade sauces, and their signature warm rice.

For those, who just want to order rolls individually – our favorites included handrolls stuffed with salmon, uni,  lobster, and crab. Sake, Sapporo beer, green tea, and even Mexican Coke is available – my favorite pairing with sushi since I am always craving something sweet.

Order and savor at the counter or take your handrolls to-go! We can’t think of a more enjoyable lunch.


Bathroom suggestions at Kazu Nori in Westwood.




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