Ombu Grill serves up Korean BBQ and Argentinian Asado

For a more refined Korean BBQ experience, the 3 years old Ombu Grill in Koreatown draws a more upscale professional crowd for dinner with a modern ambiance. Not only do they serve Korean BBQ, but Argentinian grilled meats, such as Asado (thick beef short rib with bone), Panceta (thick pork belly), and Chorizo (pork sausage).

A thick juicy 24 oz ribeye was seared in the kitchen then grilled to perfection at our table with onions and veggies. As the meat finished, the steak was cut, diced in cubes, and ready for us to eat in less than ten minutes. A little plate of salt allowed me to control my salt sprinkling while an assortment of nine side dishes came with our meal – everything from seaweed to kimchi to a green onion pancake to a spicy jelly. The thick cut meat was tender and juicy! You may wish to try the skirt steak served with a small side of chimichurri.

If you choose to stick to Korean BBQ, their high-quality meats include prime beef rib eye, pork belly, seasoned short ribs, thinly sliced beef tongue, brisket, and more while seafood options like abalone, lobster, prawns, scallops and baby octopus are possible too. Make a night at Ombu Grill with an Argentinian or Californian red wine, flavored soju, or Quilmes, a beer from Buenos Aires.

Locals frequent during the daytime, but you should too with $10-$13 lunch specials consisting of various Meat Platters with soup, salad, and rice, or Galbitang (beef short rib soup), OR a bowl of sizzling spicy braised chicken stew with rice that could easily be two meals in one.

TV’s are available to watch sports games with dinner, but high backed booths and private rooms for small or large groups accommodate both personal and professional occasions, free from any loud interruptions or distractions.

More like a steakhouse than a typical Korean BBQ joint, you won’t leave smelling like meat since the grand restaurant is spaced out with high-tech smokeless grills that sit IN the center of each table. Ombu Grill is tucked away in a small plaza. Valet parking is available, but street parking is possible too.

Korean barbecue, with a twist!

Ombu Grill

400 S Western Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90020










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