Pie is Love

Pie is Love. Pick up a sweet or savory pie, handheld pie, or even bite-sized pie holes at Pie Hole, now in the Downtown LA Arts District and Venice. Actually there are 8 locations in the Los Angeles area and one in Tokyo, Japan. Find one near you. Each location feels like a local cafe so much so that the Pennsylvania mom who creates and bakes your pies might be back in the kitchen rolling dough.

DTLA Pie Hole location

Find a traditional favorite or a modern invention at Pie Hole.

We adore slices of Cheesecake with Fruitloops Pie, Brownie Pie, Mexican Chocolate Pie while Earl Grey Tea Pie and Sweet Potato Pie are popular. Add a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream to your order.

Hand pies with a buttery crust remind me of homemade elevated pop tarts with flavors like strawberry lavender with lavender icing.

Bite-sized pie holes are easy for parties and testing out many flavors. You may like Blueberry Crumble, Boysenberry, Caramel Apple, Guava Cream Cheese, Mexican Chocolate, Nutella, or Strawberry Lavender.

Enjoy the savory Pot Pies heated up for breakfast. Some of our favorite Pot Pies include Mac and Cheese, Turkey and Stuffing, and Chicken and Cornbread.

To complement your experience, try a lavender latte, a spiced cider, or a coffee.

DTLA Pie Hole location

If you don’t have time to dine in and enjoy the ambiance of the location, get your pie delivered or your event catered with slices from the Pie Hole because Pie is Love.


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