Pasta Masters, endless pasta bites during L.A. Times Food Bowl

Endless pasta is an Italian girl’s dream. Add in the best local LA and internationally renowned chefs in town plus flowing specialty wines from Antinori, Peroni beer, and cocktails at Mr. C  Beverly Hills, and you have the best night out yet!

The “Pasta Makers” series event for Los Angeles Times Food Bowl on Thursday, May 23 had pasta lovers mingling over unlimited plates of tortellini, lasagna, penne alla vodka, and pasta alla Nerano.

Upon entry, guests were greeted with Mr. C’s signature Bellini and could pose in a bathtub of uncooked pasta before indulging and celebrating the rich heritage of authentic Italian cuisine. In partnership with the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, the poolside event allowed guests to roam and watch the chefs at work – making the tortellini and sauces… the spaghetti – delivered straight to your plate.

The “Progressive Pasta Experience at the Authentic Italian Table” was hosted poolside at Mr. C Beverly Hills, an independent hospitality concept from the fourth generation Cipriani family. American’s favorite food critic, the late Jonathan Gold, was honored for his love of old world Italian culinary masterpieces.

Angelini Osteria, our favorite Italian restaurant in LA, dished up their beloved lasagna while Chef Guiseppe Manco from The Restaurant at Mr. C’s tantalized us with Pasta Alla Nerano with Ragu of Calamari. A new restaurant we discovered called Jame Enoteca has plans to open a second location right here in Venice, California. “Grazie Dio” because Chef Jackson Kalb (@eatjame) was serving Rigatoni Alla Vodka, a dish showcased with such creamy peppery perfection that one or even three dishes was near impossible.

Pasta Chef Maria Marini and Sfoglina Roberta Galletti of the Michelin-starred Trattoria Amerigo 1934 in Savigno, Italy showcased their skills too with imported Italian ingredients during culinary demonstrations. Lines of tortellini were pinched and expertly aligned before plopped into the boiling water.

You know you had a fabulous evening when you change into your pajamas before crawling into bed and pasta in various shapes and sizes fall out of your shirt!





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