14 Coffee Spots to get Buzzed in LA

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These days, it can feel like everyone is trying to find the best coffee shops. They should have everything a modern world consumer could want: Free Wi-Fi, a place to sit and delicious drinks and pastries to choose from.

That means the most obvious coffee spots are almost always crowded. When you try to go for a little quiet in your life, the thought of being at the coffee shop with everyone else may make you long to go home instead. Don’t miss out on a great cup of coffee just because a coffee shop is crowded. In LA, there are plenty to choose from if you know where to look.

Check out these coffee gems that are tucked around different parts of LA. Stop by them all to see which one makes you feel the most at home.

1. Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle is a national coffee company that has really branched out in LA. Located in over 15 different parts of the city, their signature Blue Bottle cups are a treat you can enjoy no matter where you spend your time. Go for their cold brew and stay for their minimalist white tiled atmosphere. Some of our favorite locations include Los Feliz, Beverly Blvd., Robertson, Abbott Kinney, and the new Malibu location.

2. Alfred Coffee

Alfred Coffee –“But first, coffee” is Alfred’s slogan you can find not only online, but on their cups and store walls. Find Alfred in beautiful unique locations all over the city, not just on Melrose (near Cycle House) and Melrose Place but Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Silverlake, Koreatown, and more. It has the warm, welcoming and homey atmosphere that some people look for in a coffee shop, along with great drinks and breakfast foods. Indoor and outdoor seating makes it a great place to go all year round. The Brentwood location is a relaxing place to work outside while the Melrose Place can be a scene (with celebs included). The tiny Melrose location is our favorite spot to walk to (since parking can be challenging) with seats outside to socialize or work.

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3. Endorffeine Coffee

Everything you’ve ever wanted from an Instagram coffee picture will be at Endorffeine. They have a small shop that offers a warm experience to customers. It uses a Modbar system, so all equipment is under the main counter. It looks and feels like a fun place to hang out, read, and not just where you go to buy coffee.

Photo credit: http://www.sprudge.com

4. Rapha

Coffee shops are hidden when they cater to a niche audience, which is exactly what Rapha does. It sells biking gear to cyclists and also offers coffee to those who peruse their shelves. It’s not a place to go sit down and work, but it’s a one-of-a-kind venue that everyone has to see. Find Rapha in Santa Monica in their Clubhouse Cafe.

5. Demitasse

Demitasse was founded by coffee lovers who wanted to play around with how coffee is made. It’s why they drip ice water through coffee right in front of customers to create their Kyoto Iced Coffee blend. They want everyone to join in on the fun, including you when you step inside their shop.


6. Go Get Em Tiger

For the premium coffee and breakfast food, stop by Go Get Em Tiger. Stand along the walk-style bar and never wait in a line again. They offer innovative drinks and an elaborate food menu, including a small kids’ menu. It’s an open and airy place to relax in the downtown area.

Photo credit: http://www.la.eater.com

7. Neighborhood

From the outside, Neighborhood on La Brea doesn’t resemble anything close to the traditional coffee shop. That’s why it has remained relatively hidden while still being wildly successful. Customers always enjoy their coffee, along with their wood paneling and marble countertop interior.

It’s the kind of coffee shop (pink and golds) that will take your breath away when you walk in, which is why those who stop by always stay for drink.

8. Destroyer

Destroyer sets an entirely new atmosphere with their coffee shop in Culver City. Black-, white- and gray-toned seating adds to the black mugs and dishes. Their food provides a pop of color, changing with the menu every day. Even though it looks like it’s straight out of a painting, it’s a relaxed coffee shop that welcomes anyone in LA.

9. Maru Coffee

The word “Maru” is derived from the Korean word “San Ma Ru.” It translates to “mountaintop”. Maru Coffee finds that the best coffee comes from higher elevations and higher expectations, which is where the name came from. It offers a place of tranquility in the midst of the busy city.

Maru Coffee. (Photo credit: http://www.sprudge.com)

10. Menotti’s Coffee Stop

A sister location for its original Venice branch, Menotti’s prides itself on providing customers with a unique experience. They have a secret menu that changes daily depending on what the owner feels like personally whipping up. Check out their menu to get a cup of coffee that will be unlike any other you’ve ordered before.

Venice Beach. (Photo credit: pinterest.com)

11. Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve prides itself on its coffee roasting techniques, offering fresh brews to anyone who stops by. They also believe in sustainability, which is why their coffee is eco-friendly from bean to cup. They’re open every day until eight o’clock, but it may be wise to watch the time past five p.m. — it’s well-known that drinking coffee too late can disrupt your sleep cycle! Find two locations downtown. The Melrose Avenue location is always packed but has a gorgeous outdoor space to waste away an afternoon working on your computer or to hold a small meeting. Small stools out front are also an easy place to park yourself solo. The West Third Street location has mostly indoor seating, but a few chairs outside and limited street parking.

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12. Caffe Luxxe

Check out Caffe Luxxe in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica (on Montana), on San Vicente, and at the Brentwood Country Mart. They were the first cafe in the LA area to move toward artisanal espresso and brewed coffee that was the result of craft and not a packaged box. This is where you go for fine coffee and a rich experience. They’ll take your favorite basic flavors and create something entirely new for you to fall in love with.

Caffe Luxxe Malibu

13. Philz Coffee

Back when it started in San Francisco, people went crazy for a cup of Philz Coffee. The brand became so popular that they expanded to the LA area. It’s a popular place for people to set up their laptops and get work done in a quiet space. Find 6 locations with more coming soon.

14. Paramount Coffee Project

Australia’s hippest coffee can now be found on Fairfax and the sprawling ROW project in DTLA. The bright, communal space with industrial design and a quick-serve coffee counter may have you opting to stay for hours. Add a Brekkie wrap, a Brown Rice Bowl with chorizo and eggs, Chicken Hash, Tea Leaf Salad, Coconut Oats, Blueberry Pancakes, or pastries to your drinks order.

Photo credit: http://www.la.eater.com

Try Something New

Going to the same drive-through every day for your cup of coffee may be convenient, but you won’t be getting everything you could be out of your coffee experience. That’s why you should try something new and check out a new coffee shop around LA. They’ll change how you drink your coffee and enrich your entire cafe experience.


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