Son of a Barista – easy espresso at home

Many companies during this 2020 pandemic have had to rethink business models and pivot to stay afloat and one such L.A. based brand called Son of a Barista is banking on everyone staying home now by shifting sales from hotels to consumers.

America’s obsession with good coffee and caffeine has steadily catapulted beginning with the first Starbucks opening in Seattle in 1971. Long gone are the days of coffee costing less than a dollar that tasted more like an old man with stale smoke breath.

America loves their coffee – but another shift that has occurred in most major cities is smaller batch artisanal coffee. Eco-friendly and fair-trade have become commonplace names in conversation. People want unique and unusual blends and often from smaller companies that feel less commercial. A brand’s story is a selling point – one of roasted fresh coffee with peak flavor. Even coffee gear is in high demand.

And once you have tried exceptional coffee, it’s hard to return to say a megabrand like Starbucks that has reigned supreme, even surpassing the tea sales in England in 2004.

But now in most major cities like LA, unique beans and pleasurable workspaces can be found everywhere – from Blue Bottle to Alfred to Verve. However, due to the pandemic, most of us are staying home and if you live in Malibu, you most likely have to drive somewhere to get great coffee-to-go like Le Cafe de la Plage, Caffe Luxxe, or Blue Bottle – but in a 6 feet social distance line.

Here comes the Son of a Barista – artisan espresso brewed, roasted, and packaged in Italy. In their facility in Northern Italy, artisan roasters apply generations of knowledge to create the perfect blends for the most refined coffee palettes.

Now in your own home, you can not only make espresso but also coffee, iced coffee, lattes, mochas, a flat white, and then some. No better time like the pandemic to shake up the conventional standard and bring high-quality coffee at wholesale prices right to your home. It feels like a little luxury to wake up to great coffee that is easy to make. Satisfy your coffee desires with the click of a button – and more importantly, at an unbelievable price point.

Son of a Barista is currently offering their coffee espresso maker complimentary with 2 boxes of starter kits (120 pods) = 2 months of coffee for $98.

You have 2 options – make a short or long espresso shot AND then prepare your coffee in many ways, such as a double espresso, macchiato (stained with a touch of foam), Americano Hot or Cold (we prefer adding 6 oz of warm milk rather than water), Cappucino (1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foam), Warm or Iced Latte (milk to espresso ratio is 4 to 1), Cortado, Caffe Mocha, Flat White, or our favorite dessert – the Affogato (ice cream or gelato topped with a shot of espresso).

Organic and sustainably sourced, the coffee pods vary in intensity and contain 50% more allowing for a richer, more flavorful brew. Milk pods and decaf coffee pods are also available.

The industry standard coffee capsule contains around 5 grams of coffee. Though this is “good enough” for many consumers, it is done to maximize profits rather than help brew a great cup of coffee. Son of a Barista designed pods to hold 7.5 grams of coffee, allowing for a much richer, flavorful brew.

Although pods are recyclable, Son of a Barista is currently researching bioplastics for their next generation of pods – so that the entire pod will biodegrade on its own regardless of where it ends up.

The Son of a Barista because “Everyone deserves an espresso at home.”

Learn more online or on Instagram at @sonofabarista



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