5 Tips to Master the Fall Look in LA

There’s a lot to love about living in LA, and the gorgeous weather is definitely high on the list. Fall is a beautiful season no matter where you go, but for some parts of the country it often means taking out bulky coats and beginning to layer up for the frigid winter months.

Here in LA, fall can mean cooler temperatures and finally breaking out socks, scarves, wraps, shawls, and tall boots – although this may not even happen til December. To gain some autumn/winter inspiration ahead pre-season, check out some of our favorite cozy looks.

Trench dresses and a shawl 

Trench dresses are every fashionista’s favorite because they’re so versatile and accessible. They also get plus points for being a bit more fashion-forward, especially compared to your average shirt-dress. Banana Republic’s double-breasted piece looks effortlessly chic both on its own (à la Meghan Markle) or with a soft shawl draped over your shoulders.


Knit sweaters over button-down shirts

Everyone has an oversized sweater in their closet. But for a more polished feel, you can tuck a button-down shirt under it. The shirt featured on Woman Within comes in a light cotton fabric that’s great for layering, especially with its chic selection of colors and patterns. That way, you should have no problem pairing them up with sweaters you already have in your closet. Finish your look with form-fitting bottoms to balance out the bulkiness of your top. Even knit dresses make a classy day to night look.

Photo credit: http://www.venus.com

The classic plaid and corduroy combo

Plaid is practically synonymous with fall, which means you’re most likely to reach for your favorite plaid shirt when you’re running out the door. While corduroy had a huge moment last year, there’s no reason you can’t ride the wave this season too. Pair your go-to plaid shirt with these cropped corduroy pants from Farfetch to add more texture to your ensemble. Bonus points if you match your shirt with this pair’s rich purple hue!

Photo credit: http://www.attic.city.com


Sweatshirts and sneakers

Speaking of dressing on the go, throwing a half-zipped sweatshirt over a pair of leggings can take you from park dates to errand runs in a snap. Community Footwear’s sneakers are the perfect accessory to this super casual look. Since Californian style is all about laidback dressing, don’t worry about dressing up this look with a pair of flats or heels.

Photo credit: http://www.comunitymade.com

Flowy maxi-dresses 

Nothing encapsulates LA effortless casual cool quite like a long flowy dress. This is the piece you’ll want to wear with your hair down and make-up left as natural as possible to achieve that classic ingénue image. California women are notorious for throwing a leather jacket or jean jacket over a floral dress — a style trick you can easily snag. Other Stories’ leather workwear jacket is a welcome change from all the studded moto jackets, and its belted option creates a romantic silhouette.

Photo credit: http://www.shop.nordstrom.com

While comfort should always be one of the key considerations when it comes to dressing up, this is especially the case when it comes to fall/winter dressing in Los Angeles. Comfortable dressing allows you to be confident — and as we all know, confidence is what makes all the difference between a good and a great look.


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