Fall for autumn with these seasonal products

Fall 2021 is here! You may not live in a location where the leaves change color, but you can recreate a fall feeling just about anywhere in your own home. Get cozy with these autumnal products.

Decocrated Fall Home Decor Box

For those that may not be so creative with home décor or just don’t have the time to source cool finds to spruce up your home for the seasons, Decocrated is at your service with a curated award-winning home décor box – delivered right to your door. 

Some of our Fall Box favorites include a mid-century-like deep green metal pumpkin with wooden stem, fall leaf tea towels/sink cloths, a beaded tassel in rich fall colors for decor, wooden candle holders for a centerpiece, and a small golden mirror that I would use as a centerpiece with the candles on top. 

How Decocrated Works:  Receive six to eight seasonally inspired home décor pieces delivered four times per year (a $200 value per box but $79.99 quarterly; $299.99 annually). 

Items may include an assortment of products, such as decorative trays, tabletop decor, throw pillow covers, table runner, small DIY projects, printed art, and more. Each box includes a Decocrated booklet complete with product descriptions, pro tips, how-tos, and inspiration. You can enjoy holiday add-on boxes too, including the Halloween add-on box ($39.99). 

Tea Flights from Chariteas

Order rich teas to bring in the scent of fall. Calm your senses with herbal blends from Chariteas with a tea flight ($35) like Herbal Infusion. Olive and Dingo’s Color Changing Tea is fun with peaberry as it turns the water a shade of aqua then purple with chunks of peach, mango, and coconut. Berry Fields Forever is fruity with hibiscus and great served cold. A rooibos blend with cacao nibs and hazelnut is called Blueberry Cobbler. Find the tea that reminds you of fall.

Committed to sourcing the world’s finest quality tea from the road less traveled, Chariteas works with sustainable tea farms in order to craft custom blends. The company gives a platform to teas from other countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Vietnam and with each purchase, Chariteas give trees to be planted too.

Broken Top Coffee Arabica Soy Candle 

While fall scents mean different things to different people – spiced pumpkin lattes or coffee brewing – everyone loves candles. Bring the aroma of Coffee Arabica with notes of hazelnut, coconut, and cream to your home. This coffeehouse masterpiece smells like that first sip of coffee in the morning, both strong and sweet, sure to make your day a little bit brighter! 

100% U.S. grown soybean wax with cotton core wicks and beautiful amber glass vessels, order a candle with essential oil infused fragrance oils. 

Statement Home, the Jack of all Trays

The interchangeable acrylic tray and reversible inserts help you create your own vibe for your home décor – with fall/seasonal and holiday inserts. Trays are made of sleek, durable acrylic plastic and designed to be easy to carry with sturdy sides. The inserts stack inside for easy storage.

Pumpkin Spice PBfit

Pumpkin spice and everything nice—Limited-Edition PBFit Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Powder has arrived with 1/3 the calories, but all the flavor of traditional peanut butter.

Add a little bit of water and mix to make a smooth dip for apples, pretzels, or celery. Mix into pancakes, breads, or waffles to create a peanut butter flavor. Toss a few spoonfuls into smoothies or shakes for a tasty protein boost. 

PBFit is your guilt-free solution for the peanut butter flavor you crave. And with a touch of fall spices, you’re going to crave it on everything. This limited-edition flavor won’t last long. Order on Amazon

Pumpkin Pie Earrings from Prep Obsessed

From fall fashion accessories to home decor, Prep Obsessed is the boutique that has it all. Preppy-chic at its finest (hello, Lilly Pulitzer lovers!), the brand was named “Florida’s Best Boutique” for 2021. Be Fall ready with these adorable enamel Pumpkin Pie earrings, and make sure to take a look at the online store for all they have to offer. 

Digz Garden Gloves

Plant lovers, get digging (or potting, planting, or wedding), and beautify your surroundings inside and out with garden gloves with safely protected fingers. The durable gloves in a variety of colors and hand-drawn patterns also have touchscreen-compatible fingertips in case you need to snap a pic in the flower beds. Ha Ha! Perfect for any outdoor task, the garden gloves come with many options, such as breathable mesh back, prickle protection (perfect for pruning or desert plants), and full-grain goatskin. Find Digz at HomeDepot.com.

Cutting Board or Grazing Platter from Fab Slabs

Spruce up your kitchen this fall with the naturally antibacterial cutting board brand, Fab Slabs made from the Camphor Laurel tree sustainably found in Australia. Unique in color and character, each board is naturally antibacterial due to a type of timber. You just rinse with hot water and let dry on the counter.  Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any décor, you can add a personalized touch by having it laser engraved with one of their clever designs or your own sentiments. Available on Pier1.com, Wayfair and Overstock

Shaker33: The best cocktail shaker since Prohibition

Cooler weather means more cocktails inside and The Shaker33 lets users effortlessly create exquisite professional cocktails with leak-proof, easy-to-open, and smooth pour functions 

Amateurs and pros can expect perfect cocktails, all the time, every time. The design features a top that locks into place, removes easily, and eliminates spills and leaks for easy one-handed shaking. The locking dual-flow strainer has larger holes on one side for a fast pour and smaller holes on the other for a finer strain. Each shaker has a nesting top that stores the strainer, which keeps the bar clean from sticky messes. In addition, its patented design keeps condensation low – chilling just the drink and not hands.

Shaker33 is available in black, frosted and stainless steel options. Strainer colors come in cosmo red, sunset orange, sky blue and lime green – only at www.Shaker33.com

Verve Culture Moroccan Blankets

Snuggle up at home with this trendy Moroccan Blanket from Verve Culture! Made with hand-dyed, natural cotton that softens with age and care, and oversized pom poms that dance when worn, these blankets add texture and personality to any home when strewn across a bed or sofa. Even flecks of metallic fiber that run through the fabric catch the light and twinkle.


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