Ode to LA: Lacoste Shows Support for Uncle Paulie’s Deli; LA Businesses 

Los Angeles is a place like no other. What other oceanfront city has a mountain range running through the middle of it? It’s Hollywood — the entertainment capital of the world, as well as a Mecca of food and fashion. It features the greatest inter-city collegiate rivalry, with USC and UCLA. It’s home to the Dodgers and Lakers, and after a long drought with no NFL teams, it now has two, which play in a $5 billion joint. L.A. is more than what it says on the map — it’s Muscle Beach and Malibu, Sunset Boulevard and PCH, the Eastside and the Westside, the Hills and the Valley. From the streets of Compton to the shops on Rodeo, it really is “72 suburbs in search of a city,” as Dorothy Parker said. 

It’s practically impossible to hold anything less than an extreme opinion about L.A.: You either love it or you hate it. In fact, you can definitely do both, but you probably can’t do neither. So, it’s always a pleasure to hear the perspective of others about this unique place. Of course, that’s a very Angeleno sentiment, isn’t it? 

The latest voice singing our city’s praises is none other than legendary fashion brand Lacoste

Lacoste Celebrates Uncle Paulie’s at its Melrose Place Location. (Courtesy photo)

“The City of Angels has long been a place of inspiration  for the Lacoste brand,” the company said in a statement announcing its Ode to LA program, which partners with Los Angeles-based businesses, organizations and community staples that embody the city’s ethos. 

“Through Ode to LA, we’ll collaborate with the movers and shakers of Los Angeles for limited release product capsules, customization and takeovers all at Lacoste Melrose Place,” the company announced. 

To date, the company has collaborated with Crenshaw Skate Club, Better Days LA and Zack Bia’s “Croc Boyz.” Right now, the Lacoste Melrose Place (yet another Iconic L.A. site! 8481 Melrose Place,) location is teaming up with local favorite Uncle Paulie’s Deli (8369 Beverly Blvd.) to create a limited edition, capsule clothing collection. At the launch, Uncle Paulie’s served up platters of their famous sandwiches, while DJ TJ Mizell laid down the beats. 

Check out this collaboration quickly because after Sept. 30, the crocodile will launch a new partnership with Shadow Hill. 

Local /global branding… what a brilliant concept (courtesy photo)

“By partnering with these hand-selected collectives rooted in L.A., the climb back to normalcy post-pandemic is an opportunity to take that inspiration and manifest it at Lacoste Melrose Place,” the compay said. “The community that has made Lacoste a fixture within L.A. is being given a platform to be celebrated.”

Ode to LA: Lacoste Shows Support for Uncle Paulie’s Deli; LA Businesses 


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