Matu’s multicourse meat menu in Beverly Hills is all too satisfying

Matū (mah-too) is for the meat lover, for the one who only puts the best ingredients into their body. Matu serves 100% grass-fed wagyu – not from Japan, but from First Light Farms of New Zealand. 

Upon valet arrival at 239 S Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, a guest leaving lets me know she has come every week from Pacific Palisades to this new buzzing, dimly lit restaurant experience offering a different wagyu tasting menu each night. The bar, dripping with foliage with beautiful people in candlelight, reminds me of a sexy NYC restaurant.

Unlike anything I have known before, this dining event celebrates the richness of this exceptional beef in a multicourse set priced menu ($78 pp). Like a steak omakase, the menu features various cuts of beef in a variety of preparation methods. The menu reminds us that this is how beef should be. “It is the best beef period and the marbling and deep flavor reflect the rich pasture on which it was raised. It also contains significantly more Omega 3’s than typical beef, is nutrient and antioxidant dense, certified humane, and sustainably raised.” 

Our multitude of boeuf possibilities begins with Beef Bone Broth made from 24 hour simmering wagyu bones followed by Tartare Piemonte-style doused with shaved parmigiano and lemon. Our eyes are bigger than our tummies as we order an additional bite from the menu not part of the set menu – the Fazzoletti, fresh pasta with braised beef ragu, similar to a piece of lasagna noodle and so worth the rich sampling. From the glass kitchen box, we watch the chefs maneuver the food with flames that reach startling heights. 

Next, we share the warm red filet served with a “Japanese” Caesar Salad. A perfect portion of my favorite 8-hour Braised Beef Cheek arrives atop celeriac puree that melts in our mouths. A grand finale of warm red Sliced Ribeye cooked over an open wood fire tantalizes our taste buds with a side of baby cauliflower. Everything is wagyu. We contemplate slowing down and bringing some home but manage to polish off the plate.

Red wine from the Central Coast (Daou from Paso Robles) pairs well with this onslaught of finely crafted meats. What better way to end an evening with chocolate flourless cake dusted with powder that looks like a camouflage art piece on the plate, but this piece is better than any other flourless cake we’ve tried. It reminds me of the care this group puts into choosing dessert as often we will go to HiHo Cheeseburger just to take the cheesecake home. 

Matu is birthed from Jerry Greenberg (SUGARFISH, Nozawa Bar, KazuNori, Uovo, and HiHo Cheeseburger), along with Michael Odell (First Light Steak Club), Ryan Gianola (Hillstone Restaurant Group), and Scott Linder (accomplished private chef), so of course, you can expect only the best.

Other items of interest that can be ordered on the menu include broccolini, beef tallow French Fries, and Lobster Tails. The Cocktail Menu is discreet with options like Palomas, Skinny Margaritas, Aged Pear Martinis, and Old Fashioneds. 

Matū is open from 5:30 pm to 10 pm six days a week and is currently closed on Mondays. Reservations can be made one month in advance. An 18% service fee is added to each bill and a no-tipping rule is stated on the menu. Only credit cards are accepted. 

To order the world’s best beef delivered right to your door, check out First Light Farm.

For a special New Year’s Eve at Matu, book here (and they will even accommodate vegetarians).


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