Give your home a spring refresh with Ruggable X Nina Takesh Collection and learn decorating tips from a pro

Nina Takesh is a Los Angeles-based high-end interior designer known for her chic, subtle, and modern aesthetic with a Parisian flair. Recently, she partnered with Ruggable, the most popular lightweight rug brand that is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and designed to fit conveniently in your home washing machine—even the 9×12! Each rug comes with an easy-to-clean Rug Pad that features a nonslip back, which is made of the same latex-free material used in yoga mats.

Nina Takesh Collection X Ruggable

Since the pandemic, more people are looking for ways to beautify their spaces, often on a budget. Give your home a spring refresh by starting with a new rug. The Nina Takesh Collection X Ruggable is influenced by everyone’s favorite European city in elegant styles with linear and geometric patterns, for a sense of fun. Her serene rugs will elevate any room. The Nina Takesh collection with Ruggable is available in 12 chenille machine-washable designs and 8 rectangular rug sizes, with prices starting at $109.

Nina Takesh Collection X Ruggable

Elevate any room with Nina Takesh’s rug tips below. Follow her on Instagram or check out her popular YouTube Channel The Red Elevator, an inspirational hub for redecorating, interior design, beauty, and more. All of the photos pictured here are rugs Nina styled in her own LA home.

Q&A with interior designer Nina Takesh

What was the inspiration for your rug designs? 

The main inspiration for my collection with Ruggable came from my time in Paris. Of all the cities I’ve traveled to, there’s just something special about Paris that really captured my heart. Paris has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world and I really wanted the essence of that to come through in this collection. Some elements of the rugs were inspired by the geometric shapes that were in my family’s home in the south of France designed by self-taught, French architect Jacques Couelle, known for his organic modernism. The Villette rug is one that was inspired by the art deco hardware that is visible on the doors of Parisian apartments. 

I also drew inspiration from the more natural elements of Paris, which are evident in the Seine rug, named after the river Seine. I spent so many days walking along that river while admiring its beauty and taking in the energy of Paris. I incorporated beautiful flowing wavelike parallel lines in this rug to reflect those exact feelings and moments.  There’s so much symmetry and attention to detail that’s at the core of Parisian design and I loved the idea of bringing those same design fundamentals to a collection of rugs.  I think that in doing so I was able to achieve an aesthetic that felt classic and elegantly modern, all the while remaining at an accessible price point, which was really important to me. 

Nina Takesh Collection X Ruggable

What is the best way to enhance a room with rugs? 

Rugs can be some of the most versatile design pieces and that’s definitely something I  kept in mind when creating this collection. One strategy I like to suggest when designing a room is to start with the rug first. Sometimes people neglect this step or save it for the very end, but I find that choosing your rug first can help to inspire the direction for the rest of the room. Another tip I have involves layering rugs. Layering two overlapping rugs of different styles and sizes can create such an impactful design statement and is a  really cool, unique way to add intrigue and dimension in a space. I also love bringing rugs into smaller areas, think kitchen and hallway runners. They are a small detail but help tie the room together. One of the best things about Ruggable rugs and this collection is that they are machine washable, which makes them super easy to live with. There’s no need to worry about placing them in high-traffic or spill-prone areas like kitchens and busy hallways. 

Nina Takesh Collection X Ruggable

How does one properly buy or place a rug for a living room or bedroom? 

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a rug for any room is to choose the correct size. I’ve found that people often choose rugs that are too small for their space, which can actually end up making the room look smaller. My golden rule when it comes to rugs is that a rug must never float in a room, meaning that at an absolute minimum the front legs of each piece of furniture must always be placed on top of the rug. To use the living room as an example, if you were to place a rug in a seating area,  you would want to ensure that at least the front legs of the sofa or chairs are situated on top of the rug. The rug anchors the furniture and vice versa. Literally!  

Nina Takesh Collection X Ruggable

Please tell us more about YOU.

I’m just so thrilled that the collection has been so well received. It’s something I’ve been working really hard on for months and to see it finally come to fruition is just so rewarding. I’m so grateful to the team at Ruggable who helped bring my vision to life,  and I’m so appreciative of the people who are choosing to bring these pieces into their homes.

One of my favorite things about being a designer is bringing joy and beauty into people’s living spaces, and this collection has allowed me to do that on a larger scale than ever before, which is special to me. I have a variety of very exciting projects coming up that I cannot wait to share! I invite you to follow me along on my design journey at @NinaTakesh on Instagram to stay up to date on all my projects!

*** Stay tuned to see how we use Ruggable to elevate our own Palm Springs home.


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