To Be Seen enlightens viewers about chronic illness and the silent sufferers

The light-hearted short film To Be Seen unveiled itself with the content creators on-site at the Melrose Rooftop Theatre at E.P. & L.P. Rooftop Restaurant on July 31, 2022. Sponsored by Buoy Hydration (an easy mineral drop supplement), the film is part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the isolation that 133 million people with chronic illness live – in hopes of better understanding and support, at home, at work, and in social situations.

Guests watched a surreal sunset surround the venue and Hollywood Hills while sipping on Buoy’s hydrating cocktails and mocktails and noshing on nostalgic sweets. After the film, some of the actors shared their personal stories and discussed how they survive and move forward with health challenges.

Watch the short film here and share it with friends. Learn about those silent sufferers who battle serious ailments daily like diabetes, Chron’s Disease, POX, IBD, and more. The biggest takeaway is you never know what someone is going through. To share your own story, use the #ToBeSeen.

One of our friends Corey Martin wrote several books to support the chronic illness community while she documents her own journey with MS and Lupus.

Love Sick: A Memoir of Dating with Chronic Illness

Yoga Prescription: A Chronic Illness Survival Guide


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