Exciting new wine options for your next party

We aren’t sure if we are wine connoisseurs or just wine lovers. Some of the best wines we have discovered have been while traveling – like Sicily (from Mt Etna region), France, Croatia, and Germany. Living in California allows for easy access to endless grape varietals too. It’s just a drive or a quick flight to explore some of the best wine regions in our state – Santa Barbara, Buellton/Santa Ynez, New Cuyama, Paso Robles, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa area. However, sometimes it’s just convenient to order the juice and have it sent to your home. For your next celebration, consider shipping one of these exciting wine brands straight to your door.

Bondle’s Magnum Wines

This magnum-only collection of natural small-production French wines seems like the only way to “do” a party by going BIG! The beautifully labeled MAGNUM bottles are not just for summer entertaining but all year long in sunny California. And what a statement you’ll make when you show up at someone’s home with a magnum from Bondle’s Collection of Orange, Red, White, Rose, or Champagne.

Wines are seasonally curated and hand-selected from artisanal vineyards across France whose sustainable practices guarantee the utmost purity and quality. Every variety we sampled was exquisite but our top sips were Bondle’s orange wine and Bondle’s red wine. Orange wine seems like the latest trend in LA with an orange wine list on most menus so consider brightening up your next event with a magnum of Bondle Orange made with a single varietal of Carignan Blanc grapes macerated for 6 months in concrete. Learn more about each wine on their site.

Stompy‘s Wines Matched to You

This curated wine service allows you to take a quiz to determine your taste profile thanks to founder Stephen Wong who formulated a revolutionary taste technology algorithm featured on the website that measures over 900 personalized flavor variables in order to form a taste map that matches each person with his or her wines. People can customize their selection based on price range, color preference, as well as filtering for organic, vegan, or natural wines. Once you taste and then rate the wines purchased, your individual taste map learns and fine-tunes further to help curate the next order. 

Stompy.co allows you to customize your wine purchase after a flavor profile quiz.

We tried it out and liked 2 of the 4 bottles and thus we were encouraged to go back to the site to rate our selections to help gear better choices for our next purchase. The curated wine service highlights amazing, small farms and sustainable wineries from around the world. The company’s goal is to focus on producers who are the opposite of mass-market and that you wouldn’t come across in the supermarket – or any typical e-commerce platform.

This concept would not only make a great gift but also a fun way to stock up on some new wines for a wine-tasting party. Cover the labels on the bottles and have guests rate each wine to determine which wine is the most preferred. Order sips of white, red, orange, and rosé on Stompy. But the best is you can order a One Off Box, a Subscribe Box, or an Explore Pack perfect to customize for a party, and each time you order and rate, the wines get closer to your palette preference.

Jetway Wine Seltzer in a Can or Keg

Yes, you read that right! Wine in a Keg! Pass the cute colorful can of Jetway’s uplifting wine seltzer to your next guest or order a keg to appease your friends. Recently served in a keg at Disneyland nonetheless, JETWAY is the first wine seltzer served keg-style but just don’t try keg stands.

This wine seltzer is uber special as it comes in the following flavors – a Sauvignon Blanc (infused with yuzu, Fijian ginger, elderflower, yerba mate) and a Rosé of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon (infused with white peach, Fijian ginger, yerba mate, orange peel) – both of which are sourced from the McNary Vineyard, which overlooks the Columbia River in Washington state. 

Founded by musician Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes) and veteran winemaker Ben Parsons (founder of Infinite Monkey Theorem), there is a whole slew of celebrity investors (Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Robert Schwartzman, Nick Hoult, and Zooey Grossman) behind this ultra-premium wine seltzer. Only available in SoCal, but you know that will change soon.

Catena’s Red Wines from Argentina

Fourth generation vintner Laura Catena (who is also a doctor) continues the family’s 120-year legacy of pioneering high-altitude Malbec. In 1902, Nicola Catena, an Italian immigrant, planted his first vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. Today the vines continue to undergo a careful thinning process, leaving only a select few clusters, resulting in remarkably complex, aromatic, and flavorful fruit. Today reap the grape rewards with a bottle of their juicy red Catena ALTA “Historic Rows” Malbec (with a steak at Fogo de Chão Beverly Hills). Maybe you’ll discover the ripe red and black berry fruits, notes of violets and lavender, and a touch of leather, or spice and vanilla flavors. 

Laura Catena’s book Malbec mon amour details the history and development of Malbec with a fun fascinating journey exploring the different terroirs of Mendoza where the grape has thrived. The book shares how and why Malbec became Argentina’s iconic grape variety, establishing itself as the quintessential Argentine variety in elite wine circles.

Bev’s Colorful Canned Sparkling Glitz or Glow

You can’t miss the new canned wine tasting room and rose garden in Venice as the pink exterior will call you to it with its joyful colors, just a hop from the beach and the beloved hanging VENICE sign on Windward. Thanks to the female founder, the wine spritzer has been reinvented touting 0% sugar and 5 % ABV.

Grab a Bev and grab your friends because this is one of our favorite canned wines – crisp, dry, fresh, and fizzy. Add in the colored cans, some with sparkles, and your party got a whole lot more festive. Order Bev Pride with rainbow-colored cans, Bev Glitz (sparkling white wine), Bev Glam (sparkling rose wine), or our fav Bev Rose (California rose wine).

Pack a cooler for the beach or a picnic, and stock up by ordering a 48 pack.

Roseade‘s Ready-to-Drink Lemonade Rose Spritz

Made with wine, of course, this summer spritz was actually born from excess production of rosé. Created in 2018 in Victoria, Australia at Lee Smallman’s Chirping Bird Winery, Smallman didn’t want to throw out the excess and instead experimented by blending it with different flavors, settling on lemonade. This cutie pink can with a refreshing lemon zing added to rose tastes great from the can but even better over ice. Ready-to-drink and serve, it’s easy to fill a party bucket of these pink cans on ice and let guests just crack one open.

Fleurs de Prairie’s Affordable French Rose

For an affordable Rosé for less than $20, try this pale salmon-colored wine that literally means “wildflowers.” Pack several bottles for your next picnic, beachside romp, or outdoor concert affair. Light bodied and bright, this wine pairs well with cheese and crackers or as a companion to your meal with delicate flavors of red fruit and lemon, and a subtle note of tropical fruits on the finish. Think strawberries, rose petals, and herbs. A blend of 55% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, and 15% Syrah, Fleurs de Prairie is sourced from hand-selected vineyards throughout the Languedoc region, some of which have vines that are over 50 years old.

The wine is a celebration of the free-spirited wildflowers carpeting the vineyards in the South of France. Made by the family-owned Les Grands Chais de France, Fleurs de Prairie is a Mediterranean combination of sun, wind, mild water stress, and ocean influence that provide ideal conditions for grapes to ripen to the perfect balance of flavor and freshness.

PS. One of the best wine parties we attended this year was at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood where wines were shared and sipped from Bordeaux and Germany (thanks to Clink Different) and paired with hip-hop hits that represent the luxurious nuances of wine. “NFL Wine Guy” Will Blackmon and sommelier Derrick Westbrook went up against the West Side Winos while guests tasted a wide range of grape varieties, style, and sub-regions to showcase the diversity of those two wine regions.

Fresh Vine Wine’s LOW Cal Sips

Co-owned by Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough, this naturally lower carb, lower sugar, and lower calorie premium wine is your go-to Hollywood Bowl picnic wine, your Cinespia movie night wine at the Hollywood Cemetery or your sunset beach vine wine. Launched just a year ago, wines are produced and bottled in Napa, California, and the Fresh Vine Wine collection features not only California Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir but also Chardonnay, Rosé Wine, Sauvignon Blanc, and a Limited Reserve Napa Cabernet. Reasonably priced, bottles sell for around $20.

Photo credit: Fresh Vine Wine

Pick up a bottle of the ruby-colored Fresh Vine Wine Pinot Noir with a big floral nose of rose petals, dark cherries, and baking spices. Perhaps you will detect notes of raspberry, mint, and tea. Breathe in red plums and baker’s chocolate.

Photo credit: Fresh Vine Wine

The Fresh Vine Wine Cabernet Sauvignon also may conjure up notions of blackberry pie and dark cherry with a spice box and a hint of mint. A 5 oz glass has about 0.4g SUGAR | 3.9 CARBS | 103 CALORIES | 13.5% ABV.



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