Desert X 2023 – Download the app to experience art across the Coachella Valley

Returning to the Coachella Valley from March 4 – May 7 for the fourth installment, large-scale international contemporary art exhibitions can be found in the most dramatic desert landscapes. Focusing on social and environmental themes, some will require audience participation in 2023. Finding the art is part of the fun. Viewings are free and open typically from sunrise to sunset. Exact locations are divulged on a map at or on the Desert X 2023 app starting March 4. 

We were lucky to attend the media preview on March 3 and meet many of the inspiring artists. See more photos and videos of the media preview on @LaLaScoop

Desert X-tra!

Sleeping Figure (Can you find the smiling head and leg crossed over?) by Matt Johnson and Neville Wakefield at 1-10 Exit 110 Haugen-Lehman Way to Railroad Ave just outside Palm Springs town

Sometimes the winds whip so be prepared for all weather. Bring sunscreen and a jacket in the car as the desert climate is unpredictable.

Desert X signs mark the trail and let you know you are in the right place.

You can walk up and over this exhibit.

Liquid A Place by artists Torkwase Dyson and Diana Campbell in Palm Desert (Homme Adams Park, 72500 Thrush Rd.)

Chimera – Performances at various locations in Desert Hot Springs. Here is Hector Zamora.

Namak Nazar by Himali Singh Soin, David Soin Tappeser, and Diana Campbell in Desert Hot Springs. There are QR codes at several locations here to interact and learn from this exhibit. The exact location is Worsley Rd between Pierson Blvd and Mission Lake Blvd.

Come for sunrise or sunset.

No. 1225 Chainlink by Rana Begum and Neville Wakefield in Palm Desert (74184 Portola Rd.)

Pioneer by Tschabalala Self and Neville Wakefield in Desert Hot Springs at San Gorgonio St and Bubbling Wells Rd. We think this is right behind Two Bunch Palms (resort) as we learned the bunch of palms behind the sculpture was the old Al Capone hideout.

Amar a Dios en Tierra de Indios, Es Oficio Maternal by Paloma Contreras Lomas and Diana Campbell at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage

Sunnylands also makes nice stop for lunch or a walk amongst the desert gardens.

Searching for the Sky (while Maintaining Equilibrium) by Mario Garcia Torres located in Desert Hot Springs at Pierson Blvd between Foxdale Dr and Miracle Hill Rd.

Bring a glass of wine and come for sunset as the rotating/moving exhibit reflects the sky and sunset but be prepared for a short walk to view this work.


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