5 Budgeting Tips to Live Well While Saving Money in LA

Sunny California offers a lot of excitement and fun, but the strains of budgeting can admittedly be difficult. Los Angeles ranks as one of America’s most difficult areas to save money, which can make matters tough for those struggling financially. Don’t let monetary fears scare you away, though! LA is an awesome place to visit and live if you learn how to budget right. If … Continue reading 5 Budgeting Tips to Live Well While Saving Money in LA

Habitat for Humanity LA Builders Ball 2018

Habitat for Humanity held their LA Builders Ball on September 27th, 2018 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. This annual event celebrates those in the building and real estate industry working with Habitat LA who are helping transform the landscape of Los Angeles. Partners and donors also joined in the evening to raise awareness and funds to help them reach their goal of … Continue reading Habitat for Humanity LA Builders Ball 2018

Discovering the Micro Market of Adam’s Hill

ADAM’S HILL I work all over the city; looking at homes and doing deals for my real estate business. Sometimes I discover a wonderful little pocket of the city that goes right through me.  Like it knows me. Like I know it. It’s interesting, usually when I discover one of these areas the lessons I’m unveiling within myself seem to be in sympatico with what’s … Continue reading Discovering the Micro Market of Adam’s Hill

Hawthorne’s Resurrection

Los Angeles has become noticeably more populated and, as things go, rents and purchase prices continue to rapidly go up.  As a result, the urban gentrification ripple has widened it circle. As a realtor, it’s my job to know what’s happening, at what price point, where. As a working mother in real estate, I’m not always able to jump on a plane to an exotic … Continue reading Hawthorne’s Resurrection

Highland Park

HIGHLAND PARK NELA’s (North East of Los Angeles) emerging neighborhoods continue to explode as young singles and families who can now no longer afford more established areas, such as Silverlake, move in. Highland Park, which has been on the scene for a while, persists to be the front and center of what urban-cool gentrification can aspire to. Highland Park sits just west of South Pasadena, … Continue reading Highland Park