Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Appreciate your lover or acknowledge someone you care about this Valentine’s Day with a fun and memorable gift. Valentine’s Day can be more than just romantic love – a month-long celebration of giving extending to your best gal pals. “Galentine’s Day” is also for your single gals, best gals, and gals who are like family. Get inspired with our LaLaScoop list of ways to show … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

You are Perfectly Imperfect – Techniques to help you heal

Are you seeking for perfection? I know I’m not.  As I have gotten older, the wisdom has become more and more clear that in fact, there is no such thing.  I believe we are perfectly imperfect exactly the way we are wherever we are on our journeys (period). So what do you do when something in your life has taken you astray clouding your judgement … Continue reading You are Perfectly Imperfect – Techniques to help you heal

Thanks ~ giving

I want to thank you for stopping to read this article and learning about self-growth. Now please, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Open your energy system and be receptive to the gift of thanks I’d like to give you. Think for a moment how your commitment to growing your inner light has affected those who live in the glow of your light. This quote beautifully explains our inner striving to … Continue reading Thanks ~ giving

Fear and Faith

How do we regard such an incident as the massacre of dear school children? There are 3 primary realms of existence, the material, emotional and spiritual. In the material realm this is a tragedy beyond measure. Nothing can make sense of a senseless act, especially one of violence acted upon innocent children. And yet it happens. Innocent helpless children were massacred. A mother murdered by … Continue reading Fear and Faith