Thanks ~ giving

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I want to thank you for stopping to read this article and learning about self-growth. Now please, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Open your energy system and be receptive to the gift of thanks I’d like to give you. Think for a moment how your commitment to growing your inner light has affected those who live in the glow of your light. This quote beautifully explains our inner striving to become a better person…  

      We are a fraction of the all-Blissful God and for this reason we will always desire Bliss. We are a fraction of the all-perfect, supreme God and for this reason we will always desire perfection. We desire all the Divine virtues and qualities of God and (not only that), we will have to desire them because we are a fraction of God. This is because it is innate in every soul (to strive for perfection).

                                                   -Jagadguru Kripaulu Maharaji

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Thank you for your dedication to expressing the perfect love within you and the courage it takes to imperfectly express it. Bearing witness to your journey is richly rewarding to me. I thank you from the depth of my heart.

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