Top 10 Beauty Finds for Fall

It’s always bathing suit season in LA, but how do you keep that dewy summer fresh-faced glow, healthy hair, svelte body, and a signature scent going all year round when the sun goes down at 5 PM? Here are my favorite fall finds that have popped up in gift bags, parties, and events, or have been friend-recommended, that are not too costly and help you slide into fall.


1. Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth Extender
This nourishing smoothing masque is new, and has been my perfect solution for dry highlighted hair that spent way too much time in the summer sun and salty ocean. After using only once, my hair felt like silk. I couldn’t find a conditioner anywhere that would save my dried out locks. Featuring coconut oil as the key ingredient, Smooth Extender is perfectly balanced to repair dull, damaged, or frizzed-out strands by replenishing the proteins in the hair and preventing color fade with UVA/UVB protection. Hair will have the smoothness and polish it deserves. ($19.95)

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Two other Smooth Sexy Hair products I adore that you may love are the following: Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter ($17.95), a crème that will extend the life of your blowout, or better yet just make your hair even more conditioned. Infused with coconut oil, Smooth Encounter is formulated to create the sleekest blowouts that are 50% smoother. It can be used on frizzy hair for overall silkiness and on wavy or curly textures to help achieve a straight, sleek blowout quicker. Smooth Encounter is a crème that won’t weigh hair down, but is able to tame unruly, frizzy, or multi-textural hair. Another product I love is the Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Spray ($18.95) which makes my hair shiny and glisten. This anti-frizz and shine spray helps avoid frizz by locking out humidity and seals the cuticle for increased shine. The product provides instant results, smoothing away frizz and protecting the hair from styling and environmental damage. I put this on my dry hair right before using hair spray for hold.


2. Uma Oils
Facial oils seem to be the new hottest thing for anti-aging and moisturizing the skin without looking oily. The luminosity oil or Ultimate Brightening Face Oil actually locks in hydration for the day. This can replace your serum and moisturizer. After about a week, my skin was more supple and had a nice glow. However, the oils do have a scent from the flowers they are extracted from because they are essential oil rich, and the strong smell may have to take some getting use to, but fades quickly.

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Sourced from family farms in India, the 6-9 essential oils are selected and blended together to produce the top benefits. The Uma oil bottle lasts a long time and the price is not cheap, so please use our Promo Code: lalascoop for a 20% discount.


3. Pinrose Perfume
I am extremely picky when it comes to scents. I know it when I like it. I don’t want to smell like an old lady, too spicy, or too flowery. I want to smell sweet and fresh. Boy, did figure out how to come up with mind-blowing scents. I am in love with them all thanks to discovering their petal packs in a gift bag – single dose fragrant sachets. You can even pick and choose and order a pack of various scents. I quickly ordered a bottle of Renegade Starlet, a scent made from a mix of gardenia, jasmine, and freesia. Surf Siren is a breezy blend of lavender and neroli. Sugar Bandit, so sweet and sexy, is made from vanilla, cedar wood, and white chocolate while Merry Maker made from a refreshing blend of nectarine, rose, and plum piqued my senses. Not even a year old, this scent-sational company is on its way to sweet-smelling success.

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Hop on to their fun site to find a scent that matches YOU by taking their fun quiz from instant right brain reactions. For 1 fluid ounce, it will run you $50, but with our coupon code LALASCOOP, take 10% off your order.


Be a Rose Golden Goddess and highlight your cheeks and face with this swirly combination of bronze and pink from Fergie’s Centerstage Collection. This shimmer palette can be used dry or wet. Who would have thought at this mature age Wet n Wild would still delight my fancy? After attending a Wet n Wild event paired with the start of the new season of The Voice, this was one of my favorite product discoveries.  You can’t go wrong with your new golden healthy glow for around $6. Use the shimmer pink to swipe your brow bones too.
Want eyelashes that make a statement? Every time I have had false eyelashes or last extensions expertly put on at events, I end up pulling them off within a day. I think just knowing that there is something fake on my body bugs me. This easy two tube solution with transplanting gel and natural green tea fibers is the easy way to have sultry lashes fast. First, you apply your own mascara or the gel mascara in the long tube, then you apply the green tea fibers from the shorter tube midway up the lashes, then follow by the same wet gel mascara to make sure the fibers are set. Voila! Sexy lashes all in a few minutes.  With a 300% increase to your lashes, you won’t believe it until you try it. The fiber lash mascara can wash off easily with facial cleanser, makeup remover, or coconut oil. $29 plus tax and shipping, and the product lasts for 2 – 3 months.
This is my favorite way to keep glowing all through fall and winter. It’s the perfect way to spruce up your legs or chest and arms before a night out. This sunless spray not only looks oh so natural when you rub it in, but it works instantly. Want to be a bit darker? Spray some more of this anti-aging aerosol on. The best part is you smell like sugar or candy, not stinky like almost every single tanning product I have tried. Enriched with essentials oils, antioxidants and botanicals, your skin feels soft, supple and radiant. Be ready for a night on the town! This product is worth every penny – about $40 a bottle.
Marula Oil has been my new nighttime and morning routine, using a few drops of Marula Oil as a moisturizer, wrinkle treatment, and sun damage skin repair on my face and chest. Now their new Lip/Eye balm stick gives you multi-task treatment encapsulated with Pure Marula Oil for deep hydration to minimize fine lines and dryness around the eyes and lips. This stick is perfect ($28) for on-the-go repair and works instantly and long-term with shea butter, honey, vitamin E and nourishing oil to soothe and soften dry skin.
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I am always in a rush when it comes to leaving the house daily by 6:30 AM and often racing home to shower to head back out. I have little time to beautify myself and apply makeup. That is why I have fallen in love with all of the NYX Cosmetics, especially their roller ball eyeshadow. In a few seconds, I can easily apply the glitter roller ball in various hues over my eyelid for a dazzling dramatic sparkle. No brushes, no mess. My favorite shade is champagne, but I also love salmon and purple. You can even apply this glitter color to your face and body. Also, you control the intensity by how many rolls you put on and you can blend with a brush or finger. For $4, it’s hard to not own a few.
9. Arcona Triad Pads
I have been addicted to Arcona products now for years. The milky cleansing pads are one of my favorite products because they clean your face so well and smell so yummy. The smell is such nice way to go to bed, even when you are too tired to wash your face. I’ve used these after a workout or while camping on my back and shoulders. The cleansing, toning, hydration pads are infused with protective antioxidants to leave you glowing and refreshed. The Arcona Studio located right here in Santa Monica is the ultimate skin care line with results that work. Ingredients include cranberry extract, vitamins, phyto-nutrients and essential fatty acids. The Arcona Triad Pads helps neutralize free radicals with vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols. Skin is nourished and restored with omegas 3, 6 and 9 and rice milk.
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10. EOS Lip Balm

The first time I saw this cute little orange ball that you screw in half, with the small letters inscribed with ‘eos’ (evolution of smooth) surrounded by wings, I used it as perfume on my wrists. I had no idea until day three it was meant for my lips. This new improved lip balm ball smells so tangy fresh no wonder it is called Orange Blossom. This ball of  lip balm goes on easy and comes in every imaginable flavor, like vanilla mint, strawberry sorbet, and summer fruit. The luscious scents I’ve seen sold at Target and CVS will keep you smelling like summer as you slide into fall. ($3)

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