Palm Springs Weekend Guide

This article first appeared in Resident Magazine, a New York luxury magazine. We happened to be in Palm Springs during the Palm Springs Film Festival, but it seems like every weekend in this desert oasis offers special events, from the upcoming Modernism weekend February 16 – 26, to the Taste of Tennis March 6, to Splash House in June and August. Once a wellness destination … Continue reading Palm Springs Weekend Guide

Palm Springs is Back (and Always) in Fashion

Fads, by definition, come and go. And with the aid of today’s media technology connecting every corner of the world simultaneously, never in history have these trends sprung into existence and died out as rapidly as right now, like stars shooting across the night sky on a journey into oblivion. Meanwhile, genuinely artistic style remains steadfast all the while, the North Star by which to … Continue reading Palm Springs is Back (and Always) in Fashion