The Local – The Organic Concept Salon

A friend who has been coming to The Local Salon for four years recommended I try out this special beauty parlor in NoHo (otherwise known as the North Hollywood Arts District) because it offers all organic products as well as organic hair color. Since I am one to try out new salons, I was happy to book an appointment at this tiny, clean, hip salon, owned by the welcoming Rosie.

Stylist Alyssa at The Local Salon in North Hollywood. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

What surprised me the most is that I did not smell the vicious chemicals I am so use to smelling when I get my hair highlighted. Typically my nose is pierced by that chemical smell. My sweet stylist, Alyssa, said she got into organic products because she started seeing a holistic nutritionist for stomach issues. She thought she may be having issues at her old salon from the formaldehyde, since she felt “off.”

I highly recommend this salon for sensitive scalps and pregnant women. I plan to go back since I was happy with the way my hair came out (natural sun kissed highlights) and realized it is time to use better products on my head. The salon uses the one-of-a-kind anti-aging and organic hair care product called Cabella. This line of personal care products are free of suspect petrochemicals, using instead, organic and natural ingredients.

Organic products (Photo credit:

The Salon’s motto: Our primary desire is for women to feel glamorous yet confident knowing they choose products made from premium ingredients that are safe and beneficial for their homes and their environment. To learn more about this unique salon with barbers upstairs, styling chairs for blowouts, and the overall organic experience, watch the owner Rosie live HERE. Their philosophy – Tread gently on the earth.

I was in a sad place entering the several hour salon experience, due to being an orphan for Thanksgiving. But I left feeling mighty fine, not only because the stylist, Alyssa, lifted my spirits with the great care she paid to my hair, but she made me feel new.

Go organic. It seems to be the only way.

The Local Salon

5229 Lankershim Blvd.

NoHo, CA 91601


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