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Hot Summer Fitness Tips by IDEA

IWF14_infographic_final-650Summer Time – Shortly before it hits and all season long, many of us obsess about getting and maintaining the ultimate svelte “bikini body.” And the mid-summer ESPN Body Issue inspires us to a whole other level of motivation. Amazing, right?! Well, it’s never too late to begin the quest for the body of your dreams, both inside and out. And thankfully, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, one of the most renowned health and fitness experts in the nation, has kindly pulled together some of their top folks to give us their latest trending tips, so that we could share them with you and set you on your way to get your body rockin’ even more than it is already!

Want a Strong Core? Get off the Floor!
IDEA says: “Recent research tells us that the way we have been taught to do core work may not be as good as we once thought. Core engagement in the upright position has been proven to achieve greater muscle activation than traditional abdominal exercises. Transfer your power through the ground and get a full-body workout with a fully engaged core at the same time.”

“Engage your core! Engage your core!” – You hear it throughout yoga classes, before you set out on your Stand Up Paddle board, during Pilates, Barre, etc. Directions are even given to draw your bellybutton towards your spine. Any sport or fitness activity, heck even sitting, requires a strong engaged core. So, whatever you are doing, pull your shoulders back and down, lift your chin, balance your legs, unfold your vertebrae, lengthen your body, breath deeply and from your belly (not your high-chest) and be conscious about engaging your core – always. You’ll feel better, breath better, move better and look better. You don’t have to wreck your back by doing massive amounts of crunches. But if you do, make sure that the small of your back is always grounded upon the floor. And go slow, for goodness sake! Maintaining accurate form throughout the full range of motion will always reap better benefits than cramming quantity and going for speed. Take your time, and even if  you are stuck on your back once in a while…”Engage your core!” But, really learn how to engage “Off the Floor” at IDEA!

Piloxing in action, lead by founder Vivica (photo: courtesy of Piloxing Cardio Fusion)

Piloxing in action, lead by founder Vivica Jenson (photo: courtesy of Piloxing Cardio Fusion)

Boxing and Pilates in One Workout? Absolutely! Try Piloxing!
IDEA says: “The combination of boxing and Pilates is a killer workout that will test your endurance to the max! Using movements from both disciplines, this high-intensity, plyometric, functional core-centric program will push your own physical abilities to the limit.”

I’ve never tried Piloxing Cardio Fusion, but now I’m super curious. Utilizing the perfect combination of power, speed and agility of boxing, the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates, with an extra boost of exhilaration from dancing, all with a weighted glove upon each hand, makes Piloxing seems more than set to give you a TKO body! An athlete has body control, power, and agility. Why shouldn’t a fitness enthusiast go for that same combo? It sure will reduce injuries and get those muscles that you want to pop, pop for sure. I’m game! Are you? Check out Vivica Jenson’s creation at IDEA and on her DVD’s. She’s no joke. Trained in Scandinavia as a dancer, even earning a Masters in Dance, she later became a Master Pilates instructor, trained boxer and award-winning body builder. She’s gorgeous, educated and tough. I’m super psyched to try her trademark program, Piloxing.

Travel Blogger, Jacki Ueng, and Rochelle Robinson, co-founder of LalaScoop after paddling in the rain at Pro SUP Shop in Marina del Rey

Travel Blogger, Jacki Ueng, and Rochelle Robinson, co-founder of LalaScoop, after paddling in the rain at Pro SUP Shop in Marina del Rey

All the Benefits of Stand Up Paddling Without Having to Get in the Water
IDEA says: “Stand-up paddling (SUP) is the fastest growing fitness and recreation activity on the planet and targets core strength, balance, coordination, endurance and stability. This new stand up paddling workout focuses on all aspects of SUP training without even getting wet (sweat doesn’t count).

I personally love the water. I love looking at it. I love bathing in it. I love swimming, floating, playing on and in it. And after trying Paddle Boarding with Pro SUP Shop in Marina del Rey last week, I may just be hooked. It was peaceful, fun and a great whole-body workout. But, sometimes one just doesn’t have time to get wet, so why not gain all the SUP body benefits on dry land? Find out more about how this works with me at IDEA.

LaBlast in action,  lead by founder and Dancing with the Stars choreographer, Louis van Amstel. (photo: courtesy of LaBlast)

IDEA says: “Join the hottest new partner-free dance fitness program, LaBlast, and learn the dances seen on Dancing With the Stars—cha cha, jive, samba, meréngué, Viennese waltz, disco, tango and the twist! LaBlast incorporates music from every artist, genre and era you can imagine. This program helps build confidence and improve dancing skills while getting in shape. It was developed by three-time world dance champion and fitness expert Louis van Amstel.”

After the response to Melissa Curtin’s article Dancing with Stars Season 18 Wrap Up this summer, it’s clear that our readers are hella dance fanatics. LaBlast founder and Dancing with the Stars choreographer, Louis van Amstel, has crafted a DVD series to get your body moving and grooving, so that you can take it to the street with sassy steps and a sassy body to boot. He is methodical in his teaching while building pace and sequencing, before setting you free feel the rhythm in you. It’s not just about shaking those hips, it’s about shaking those hips precisely and with flair, or dare I say, “attitude.”

Hyperwear's patented Sandbells in action, available in 2-50 lbs. (photo: courtesy of Hyperwear)

Hyperwear’s patented Sandbells in action, available in 2-50 lbs. (photo: courtesy of Hyperwear)

What exactly is a SandBell?
IDEA says: “From metabolic conditioning and total-body strengthening to increasing grip strength and improving coordination, a SandBell is a training tool that provides a killer workout in a group or solo setting. It’s like a having a medicine ball, dumbbell and Kettlebell all rolled into one.”

Total Mind-Body Training Using a Weight-Filled Bar
IDEA says: “Disruptive motion training is a unique fitness training method that builds a mind-muscle connection through a complete range of fluid movements. This innovative program, which provides intuitive biofeedback, focuses on core, balance and strength using a bar filled with rolling steel weights.”

Strength training is imperative, especially as we get older. It not only keeps your musculature up, but also helps to maintain bone strength and density. SandBells and Weight-Filled Bars offer a means to engage both your prime and supporting musculature, which is really important for not only gaining strength, but also for increasing mobility and agility. Using these proprioception tools will employ the body to negotiate through a controlled unstable environment, thereby activating synergy between the mind and many parts of your body. Think about the difference between running on a tread mill vs. soft sand along the coastline. Your toes even engage on the sand. All the little muscles in your feet, calves all the way up through your core and beyond have to adjust instantaneously with each leap and step because of the variance throughout the whole sequence from impact to lift off on the mailable nonuniform surface. Or think about what the balance requirement and muscle engagement is between doing a push up on the floor vs. with your feet or hands on a medicine ball. When there is an unstable element, movement is more difficult in so many ways. Hyperwear, one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in the US, has created an incredible, soft, pliable weight system with their patented Sandbell sandbag weight. It is made to be safer than other systems and comes in a range of 2-50 lbs. I can’t wait to learn more and test out these two new trending tools at the IDEA Expo: SandBells and Weight-Filled Bars at the IDEA Expo. Aren’t you?

IWF14_BrochCov_smlWhether it’s an innovative new group fitness program, a cool new gadget, an inventive twist on an old favorite, or even learning about the physiology of fat loss and healthy cooking ideas, there will be something for everyone at varying levels of fitness. Nearly 300 programs and tools will be showcased at the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Anaheim, August 13 – 17, where more than 12,000 fitness industry pros from across the globe will come together to educate, learn, motivate and inspire. Join LaLaScoop and become a part of what should prove to be an incredible journey of fitness and fun this summer! Register today and get ready to get your body in the best shape of your life! Fuel your passion at IDEA!

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