Husky Movers (TIG Inc) – Get the Job Done

A couple months ago I unexpectedly had to move, and a friend recommended me to use Husky Movers. This was an excellent decision to move so many large items quickly. Two Russian guys showed up with their moving truck, packing materials, and bubble wrap. Flashbacks of Hans and Franz flittered through my mind and scenes of “We are here to pump you up,” kept racing through my mind. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, except point to tell them what to move. Their rates were very reasonable (about $60 an hour) compared to what other companies were quoting me. When all of my major items finally made it to my new home in West Hollywood, they even helped assemble my bed frame.


Other companies charge extra for packing materials and the UHaul, but they did not. Your time starts being charged when they arrive at your place.

The two guys were so patient, even with my former not-so-nice neighbors in the Hollywood Hills who were threatening to call the cops on them for parking their UHaul outside my place on our tiny horse and buggy street. What even blew my mind more is they actually carried everything down the street, not even parking right outside my home on my tiny street, so not to block any cars.

I gave them a $40 tip after 4 hours of hard labor. Not only were the two guys so nice and professional, they did an excellent job making sure everything was packed in the truck correctly and nothing was broken. I highly recommend their service for anyone planing to move in the LA area. My friends have already used their services several times, and everyone has moved with less of a headache. We are all so thrilled we discovered their moving company to make the Grizzly process so much easier.

Fast forward 2 years, we used their services again to take my one bedroom guest house to Malibu and a storage unit.

Husky Movers (TIG Inc)



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