#soLA – Cold and Thirsty, the first cryotherapy and juice wellness spot

#OnlyinLA is a saying that comes to mind quite often. Now just 2 months old Culver City offers the first Cold & Thirsty, a cryosauana plus cold-pressed juice bar. Last week we ventured in to check out the LaLaScoop on this Wellness hotspot, or should we say cold spot meeting the two lovely Founders Brooke and Katie who blended their passions for nutritional and holistic health.

Our experience at 12460 W. Washington Blvd began with a sampling of their cold-pressed locally sourced juices, almond mylks + new superfood mylkshakes that fight inflammation and free radicals, boost collagen and leave skin and soul glowing. Our favorite healthy organic glass bottle combinations included the green somewhat sweet concoction from their own Renew Juicery called Glow (pineapple, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale), Almond Mylk with Lavender, and this new cold pressed coffee milk medley they just created. For some extra zing, try their Renew Juicery called Radiant Skin with apple, blueberries, pearl powder (what? yes!), chia seeds, lemon, cayenne, and ginger.

Cold and Thirty, Culver City, juice cleanse Cryo

We then eased our sore muscles after a morning booty beating from Barry’s Bootcamp with Cryotherapy, the only cryosauna on the west side. Down to nothing but their knee high socks and warm yellow boots, we threw on their robe and some mittens (prepared to whip it off), ready to hop in the chamber filled with liquid nitrogen reaching frigid temperatures nearing -250 degrees fahrenheit, for 2 minutes! Definitely all we could handle as our leg area was frozen and we were ready to bust the chamber open as 2 minutes approached. Apparently some people can handle 3 minutes over time.

This new ‘cold’ trend boasts benefits for the body like weight loss, eczema control, anti-aging, relief from chronic joint disorders, chronic pain and decreasing injury recover time by 50%, and may even help beat depression. This summer we tried our first Cryo on Fairfax, although the one where your head pops out is apparently more intense.


Do you know how it works? Once in the chamber your bodies skin receptors send a message to your brain that you’re freezing. The body reacts by rushing all the blood in to protect your vital organs. In doing so the blood is detoxified and oxygenated. The body then sends a map of your central nervous system to the brain. Once you step out of the machine and begin acclimating to the normal temperatures, the blood rushes back out and the body focuses on healing the problematic areas. WOW!


Get glowing just in time for the holiday season!

  • Beauty Cleanse Preview Party // 7-9pm
  • Enjoy sips + 10% off the cleanse if you purchase that night

Cleanse Details:

3 day cleanse: $230 (Value $270)

  • Cryo // Jumpstart your cleanse with a cryo session which will help boost metabolism, increase energy, tighten skin, boost collagen production and fight inflammation
  • Juice + mylk // Each day you receive cold pressed juice, superfood mylkshake and mylk (All organic, raw and bottled in glass)
  • Detox Bath Salts // Beauty Cleansers will receive exclusive detox herbal bath salts created by Fruits to the Roots

5 day cleanse:  $395  (Value $459)

All of the above + an additional cryo session (2 sessions total).

**Pickups can be made in store the night of the event or picked up anytime on or before November 5th**


As I was leaving families were coming in to get their healthy juices, which made me smile. Nourish yourself from the inside out all in one beautiful storefront location.

Cold & Thirsty

12460 W Washington Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 280-8483


All photos courtesy of Melissa Curtin.


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