Heat up your LA fitness routine with our ClassPass Favorites

Back at it, working out like a champ. SWEAT-ing has been our number one way to start the day, to even wake up and feel good. Recently with more time on my hands, I finally feel exceptional, especially since I can’t remember the last year I was able to work out 4-5 times a week. Thanks to ClassPass we are never bored with our LA workout routine.

Since we covered their launch in LA last year at Air Aerial Fitness and FlyWheel, the beauty of ClassPass is being able to schedule your workout sessions and mix up your classes, from ballet to bar to spin to boxing to yoga, and the list goes on.

Cycle House (Photo credit: www.classpass.com)
Cycle House in West Hollywood (Photo credit: http://www.classpass.com)

If you didn’t already know, ClassPass is around $99 a month to enjoy unlimited fitness classes at some of the best studios and gyms in town.  However, you can only visit the same studio 3 times each month. If you often quit easily or have an unpredictable schedule, Class Pass may be right for you since they charge you (around $20) if you don’t show up, but you can change or cancel classes 24 hours in advance. This may be motivation enough to get you there.

Since I have lived off Robertson in West Hollywood for the last year, there is an endless array of studios I can walk to, which is even more exciting because I don’t have to get in the car. Here I compiled my favorite classes for intensity along with instructors that make you feel good, in case you have a hard time deciding where to start. Not just in West Hollywood, there are hundreds of options all over Los Angeles.

Favorite Motivational West Hollywood ClassPass Classes:

Training Mate

Hot happy fun Aussies help you through this circuit training class while telling LOL jokes and motivating you through the whole class with positive statements and high fives. Jazzy tunes and with a team spirit of helping each other, you go through 3 timed stations 3 times each with some ‘mates.’ Stations may include rowing on an erg, an uphill bicycle climb, kangaroo hops, lunges with weights, kettle bells, suspension bands, and more. The final 15 minutes are blissful and hard as they take the class outside to finish up with some killer ab exercises. This class always puts a smile on my face, even as my body endures the pain.

We always wonder how in the world they recruit here? Let’s just say everyone is a gorgeous Aussie and their back wall screams, ‘Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!” Luke Milton, a retired Aussie rugby player (his shirt hangs in the studio) from Sydney brought Training Mate to LA, and he is all over the media as one of the leading fitness experts in our city. Their TEAM of Mates is just remarkable. We love them all for helping us improve our speed, power, and endurance!

Warning: “Hello, Boys!” may become your favorite new saying as you lie down to make “M’s” with your legs, trying not to show off your nether regions. You will leave with one too many bad but hilarious jokes.

Training Mate (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)
Training Mate (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Cycle House

Spin your heart out! This is my favorite spin class in Los Angeles because they are motivational and tough. Some of the instructors can be too loud, so thank gawd for earplugs and there are ones that talk about setting your intentions for way too long, but the majority of classes are phenomenal, help you zone out, and give you a full-body sweaty workout. Mini weights are also used in the spin ride, and the best is you can cool off at the end outside with a chilled scented towel while eating one of their complimentary apples or bananas. Our favorite coffee shop, Alfred’s, happens to be right next store, so you can grab an iced vanilla latte to go. Nichelle brings a rigorous ride, just remember ear plugs! Here’s to hoping that everyone in LA is not hot and deaf by 50. Besides the great tunes that keep you on the bike, each ride provides 2 meals to someone in need.

Warning: You may just high five your neighbor at the end or start singing along to the tunes. Spinning helps you fly right out of your mind.

Cycle House on Melrose in West Hollywood. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)
Cycle House on Melrose in West Hollywood. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)


Never thought I would be into boxing, but when one of my guy friends said he loved this class and went to it regularly, I thought it was time to try something that scared me. Now one of my favorite ClassPass sessions, I bought my own boxing gloves and wraps so I don’t have to rent them (first time free) at this small space near the Grove. This high energy fitness class led by positive motivational guys (Rob Kellner and assistant Graham Jenkins) takes you through conditioning and an empowering boxing circuit. This class makes me feel strong and tough. There’s also a good combination of women in each class.

Warning: Flashbacks of Ray Donovan’s Hollywood Fight Club, Rocky, and Mickey Rourke occur often. Some days punching a bag feels way too good. You will become addicted to the sweat.

Prevail, the ultimate boxing workout.
Prevail, the ultimate boxing workout. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Barry’s Bootcamp

Eight years later, and we still love this kicka$$ class for the ultimate full body workout. Cardiovascular treadmill routines and strength training utilizing free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment back and forth for 15-20 minute increments will make sure your cardio and muscle strength are top notch. Deemed the Best Workout in the World®  and used by A-list celebs, models, and Olympic athletes, the trainers will guide and motivate you through the whole hour pushing you in ways you never thought possible.

Warning: No pain, no gain. Guaranteed sore muscles. Try Chris Tye-Walker‘s class, one of the toughest around.

Barry's Bootcamp West Hollywood (Photo credit: www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz)
Barry’s Bootcamp West Hollywood (Photo credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz)

Swerve – Yoga Booty Ballet

I never thought Swerve would be a place I would enjoy until I took their Abs class and then fell in love with Yoga Booty Ballet, which offers a great portion of nonstop high energy feel-good dancing. The 10:30 AM class with Conisha Dorsey is the highlight of my Friday. Conisha is always smiling and changes up the dance moves nonstop to the tunes, so it is impossible to not have fun while you are working out or even get bored. It just took me awhile to keep up with all the ever-changing dance moves. Conisha also says motivational comments and meaningful phrases during the meditation and yoga portion that are realistic and don’t seem corny. Besides dance, the class infuses ballet, yoga and a Vinyasa ending.

Warning: You may bust out these dance moves when you are out with friends. Feel 8 again while trying to keep up with all the rockin’ moves.

Yoga Booty Ballet at Swerve on W. 3rd. Los Angeles ClassPass fun.
Yoga Booty Ballet at Swerve on W. 3rd. Los Angeles ClassPass fun. (Photo credit: http://www.classpass.com/swerve-los-angeles)

Earth’s Power Yoga – hot!

Get dripping with this intense yoga workout that offers colored nature images on the ceiling. At 100 degrees or more, find this yoga space on the upper level of a building near Melrose and Fairfax. One of the classes was extremely intense and hard, but great for toning, and my recent class with Jenelle felt like I went to church. Her voice was so incredibly soothing and she offered beautiful words of wisdom at the end of class with a lavender oil stretch/rub down. The whole class felt very spiritual, centered on breathing, posture, elongating, balance, and really just getting into yourself and concentrating on the present moment. Find some Zen with a killer workout.

Warning: There are some talented yogis in Hollywood. Watch out for all of their hardcore yoga poses. Be prepared for the guy next to you who easily balances on his head or the girl next to you who can into a pretzel. Wear little clothes.

Earth's Power Yoga near Melrose and Fairfax
Earth’s Power Yoga near Melrose and Fairfax. (Photo credit: http://www.yelp.com/biz/earths-power-yoga-center-los-angeles)
Photo credit: http://www.classpass.com

Other studios I have tried that you may like include Muay Thai Conditioning at Foxy and Fierce, Ballet Stretch and Ballet at Ballet Bodies, Air Aeriel Fitness, and The Barre Method. Find out how we heated up our LA fitness routine last summer with ClassPass. Also, all classes mentioned above offer their own package deals at each studio too.

Sign up for ClassPass, or try 2 weeks free with this link. ClassPass is not only in LaLaLand, but can be found in most major cities around the US, even International.


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