2016 Favorite Food Bites Around Los Angeles

Today I celebrate my 9 year LOVE affair with LA. California was a place I dreamed about living since the fashion magazine pages stared back at me as a kid in Connecticut. Driving across country solo and landing in a new place with nothing but a dream and hope for a more exciting and fulfilled life is a choice I’m so happy I had the courage to make. Life and hindsight can be weird but one of the best decisions of my life was to leave DC after almost ten years. I didn’t just move for a job, I moved for a new life and the last 9 years have exceeded my wildest dreams. My love for Los Angeles has deepened, expanded and broadened my mind in ways I couldn’t anticipate.

Daily I relish in the creative spirit that brings diverse people from all over the world to make this place their home. It’s not just the inspiring energy, but the beauty of the landscape and the countless enclaves that make LA a city I have come to understand and adore. My appreciation for this city starts with opportunities that have presented themselves that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. That is why we started LaLaScoop. Whenever I travel and return, I’m always reminded why I want to ‪#‎NeverLeaveLA‬

In celebration of this exciting city, my palette has been honed since living here. Unlike my childhood of Italian food, fresh deli sandwiches, and lobster rolls, the diverse culture of Los Angeles brings with it a culinary explosion of exceptionally clever food ideas and rising star chefs. I present you with my some of my favorite food bites around LA.


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From Los Angeles’s fascination with beets to weird meats, LA has it all.

In just about every restaurant in LA, you can find a kale salad, avocado toast, Chia seed pudding, or some form of food medley in a bowl, whether it be rice, acai, poke, oatmeal, or pho and quite often an egg on top. The sprawling landscape and ethnic diversity of a city the same geographic size of eight major cities has created a food mecca, so that anyone who lives in L.A. can’t possibly NOT become a “foodie.” It seems impossible to keep up with the ambitious and eclectic food scene where every week new restaurants are popping up to keep 4 million people curious and happy. The fresh produce and creative rising chefs as stars who are willing to risk trying new concoctions, while even blending various ethnic cuisines keep Angelenos and the world on their toes. Los Angeles is quite certainly the most exciting food city in America. – Resident Magazine



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