How to create an attitude of gratitude

What you think in your mind, you become like that.  

The first time I heard that quote, I got really scared, because wow…the thoughts in my mind are often negative, limiting and critical. When my mind was so busy finding fault with others, I began to realize how true that quote was.  As soon as my thoughts are critical of someone being arrogant, I make myself superior to them, and therefore arrogant myself!

Then even if I am using positive affirmations, there’s the hitch of rubbing up against contradictory emotional feelings. I can force myself to think, “I am happy,” but if inside I actually feel lonely or depressed, well, it just doesn’t work. When our emotions are in contradiction with our thoughts, we have to dig deeper. Emotions are often triggered by deeper levels of subconscious programming. Let me explain.

I will always remember my first kiss. I was in 8th grade. Our family had a tradition of visiting the Browns every Thanksgiving. Our two families seldom visited, probably two or three times a year. The Browns had two sons about the same ages as myself and my sister. Bruce, the older boy invited me to his room in the upstairs loft to listen to music. He was kind of cute. I was excited to be invited!

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Imprinted vibrantly in my memory, was the somatic experience of this kiss, along with the music playing from the record, “Magic Carpet Ride” and the burning of cherry incense. Now I have to admit, my first kiss with Bruce didn’t particularly bowl me over. I remember the shock of a tongue in my mouth and thinking, “ewww…I never knew about that tongue part of kissing! Why didn’t anyone tell me about that!” Feelings of annoyance and excitement were both part of my initial response to my first kiss!

To this day, when I hear “Magic Carpet Ride” I instantly recall the entire scene of my first kiss, in vivid detail.  My brain created a neurological pathway that encoded these events together. I have an automatic visceral reaction of heightened awareness with mixed sensations.

Now fast forward to present time. Did you ever get introduced to someone and find yourself deciding you really like them, or don’t like them even before knowing anything about them?

It’s highly possible, that’s a sign of a trigger from the past that remains in the subconscious mind. Often, ‘negative thoughts’ can be subconsciously triggered by emotions neurologically linked to negative mind chatter, songs or fragrances from our past.

When a past trigger gets stimulated in present time, it could be from a scent, a sound or a sensation. My first kiss was linked to cherry incense, music and a sloppy kiss, ewwww!

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If I walk into a home where they’re playing old records from the 70’s, I may notice a knee jerk judgement that leans toward the negative, come rushing back on auto response…It’s easy to feel both annoyed and excited and have no idea that it’s actually a knee jerk memory trigger from the past. I may have to make an extra effort to see past the music and not negatively judge my host. I may have to seek harder to stay open, warm and positive in this environment.

It takes conscious effort, marrying breath and emotional feelings with positive affirmations to create NEW constructive neurological pathways. It’s not enough to repeat a positive affirmation like a parrot. Breathe the affirmation into your heart, your belly, your emotions until it becomes a visceral experience. Let’s try this out.

I love Oprah’s affirmation, “Have an attitude of gratitude.”

The question is: How to create an attitude of gratitude? Here’s 3 simple steps:

  1. Stop, both outwardly and inwardly.
  2. Find something specificto feel grateful about. For example, the sky, your heart beating, a tree. Take a deep breath and whisper the affirmation, “I feel grateful.”
  3. Commit to doing steps 1 and 2 daily.

Remember: What you think in your mind, you become like that!

You are creative! Re-make yourself with NEW neurological pathways! Be happy!

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