Finding Home in Your Heart

For today, I open myself to the places that take me home in my heart and soul and I choose to go there often. (Photo Credit:

“There’s no place like home”…. as Dorothy recites in a meditative state over and over again in the Wizard of Oz. With all her being, she wishes to be in that safe, loving home she holds so dear in her mind.

Finding the places in your life that bring you home in your heart and soul can be extremely powerful and blissful. Do you find it when you are playing catch with your beloved dog? Or perhaps when you’re high above the ground sky diving? Or maybe it’s embracing that special relationship that fits like a glove and needs no explanation?

Being aware of what takes you to a place of pure satisfaction and peace within yourself and within your heart can help you pave the walkway in your life to happiness and contentment. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves stuck in the pressures of everyday life- work, responsibilities and even holding onto relationships that have grown distant or are no longer fulfilling.

By taking a thoughtful moment to connect with the truths in your life, you can find what really is going on in front of you and gravitate towards what matters even if it means making a healthy but uncomfortable change. Most things that matter take some amount of sacrifice and effort. However, the overall benefits, specifically, the gift of clarity and compassion to oneself, can allow for a breath of calm.

Make the time to ask yourself mindfully, “How do I really feel about my work?… My relationship?  … My choices?” When you take the time to explore and acknowledge what you are truly experiencing, you can then open the doors to what really makes your heart sing- authentically and wholeheartedly.  Being mindful in the moment allows for this process to move forward- being mindful of your needs, wants and dreams. Do you feel at home cooking a delicious and healthy fish soup but always say there’s no time to do it? Or maybe it feels like home to walk along the beach but you continue to tell yourself there’s so much more you should be doing and keep putting it off? Be aware of the messages you tell your sub conscious mind. If you tell yourself over and over again that you don’t have time, then you may never see the opportunities. If you tell yourself you don’t deserve it, and continue to put the needs of others over yours, you may not value yourself enough to make it happen. Visualize it in your mind and see it through.

Keep in mind how it feels to be at home in your heart- bottle it up and trust in yourself when you know what feels right and take care of YOU.

When you acknowledge those places that take you home in your heart and soul, go there often. Cherish it. Live it. Be it. Be alive there like you have never lived before. Seize the moment and make it happen. You’re worth it and you deserve it!

Your heart will be full and your life more balanced.

For today, I open myself to the places that take me home in my heart and soul and I choose to go there often.


Jo Pessin, A Thoughtful Way

Almost 30 years ago Jo came to out to Los Angeles to study Psychology at UCLA and fell in love with the excitement of all that LA has to offer: its arts, spiritual communities, shops, restaurants and most of all, its colorful array of amazing people. She rooted down and  has never left. Today, as a mother of two beautiful children, she is inspired to bring calm and thoughtfulness to their busy lives through meditation and visualization. It is from this that a life-long journey to pursue the calling of healing and spreading joy has ensued.

Through her private practice, A Thoughtful Way, she serves as a Hypnotherapist, Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator, educator and speaker, helping many adults, teens and children maneuver through their journeys with peaceful, life changing self -explorations. In addition, as a hypnotherapist at weSPARK, an amazing cancer support center in Sherman Oaks, she gives her nurturing guidance to those touched by cancer.

In an attempt to do her part for Tikkun Olam, making the world a better place, Jo’s heart is always open to giving her time and expertise to help others connect with their inner calm, strength and beauty.


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