Let Go and Trust

It’s so much easier to believe in and hold on to things that we can actually experience and see in front of us–  tangible, visible, concrete with a pretty good sense of its meaning: a sexy smile, a great big supportive bear hug, a loud, shaking belly laugh, even unpleasant, angry words or a displeasing look of disapproval. We know how those things make us feel, right? It’s pretty clear, but what about those experiences that we can’t see? What happens when we come to a crossroads and what is in front of us isn’t crystal clear?

When have you experienced when you had no idea what your fate would be but desperately wanted to know the complete outcome of your destiny right then and there? Was it when you applied for a new job or a new school? Or when you felt the need to make a change in your life that didn’t fit right any more- perhaps a relationship or the neighborhood or city in which you live in? How do you know which to choose? What do you do? Do you put that intense vice grip with all your might on the situation, thinking, re-thinking, panic-stricken searching for that finite answer that just won’t show itself and relieve you from your pain? Squeezing every thought, belief and action so very tightly in hope that something real that you can see and hold will emerge out of the chaos? In order to get those answers, something BIG and BOLD has to take place?

And yet, surprisingly, it’s one of the easiest things to do- slow down, breathe slowly, quiet your mind and body and simply be still.

Each one of us has all the answers we need to maneuver the journey of our lives- every decision, every choice, every desire; right inside of each one of us and all we have to do is let go and trust. Typically, our primal reptilian brain puts us in survival mode and leads us to search all around outside of us, racing to everyone close to us one after the other to the other… to anyone who will listen, “What do YOU think I should do?” But instead of going outwardly, we must go inwardly.

Faith. (Photo credit: beliefnet.com)
Faith. (Photo credit: beliefnet.com)

After all the thinking, researching and executive functioning take place in our brilliant frontal cortexes of our brain, it’s time to take gentle breaths and let the Universe do its thing. Have faith! Be out in nature, feel the pleasant breeze that grounds and awakens you as your mind clears and the abundance of thought floats away. Notice your breathing and be sure to take deep abdominal breaths to connect you with calm. Be mindful of your body and what messages it clearly gives you as the fog lifts and you are given a reprieve to sit simply with “what is”, what feels right to you, no matter what anyone else thinks or feels is right for you.

Keep it simple and assign one or two words to each choice (ie. San Francisco or Santa Fe if you are deciding where to live). Slowly and serenely bring the first choice into your consciousness in meditation, welcoming whatever presents itself to you in a thought, bodily sensation or feeling. Place your hand over your heart and gently top it with your other hand with loving kindness as you meditate on your choice. Notice how you feel in your open heart space without hesitation. Sit with it and allow a sense of lingering. Allow yourself to embrace and honor how your heart really feels without judgment. Next, place your hand on your stomach and gently top it with your other hand. Recite in your mind the same choice, giving yourself time to sit with it. Notice how you feel in your solar plexus and your gut with curiosity. Again, allowing yourself to acknowledge how you feel in this telling area of your body and staying here for a while. Continue to breathe easy and notice all areas of your body. Now, repeat the meditations with the other choice just as the first. Be still and open as you notice any differences. Just as you perceive how you feel when a sexy smile comes your way, or an unexpected disapproving look, trust in the “sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle” signs that have been trying so hard to get your attention but have been over shadowed by your uncertainty masked with fear and anxiety. Be aware here in the present as you have released your hold and instead…. allow flow.

Being open to that leap of faith allows us to loosen that fearful vice grip and see what amazing journey the Universe has in store for us, surrounding ourselves with compassion and gentleness during the process. When you release the fear of unknown, with a willingness and intention to be open to the possibilities that may surface, that freedom can do its unbelievable magic and create exactly what was meant to be with space to grow into something spectacular and wonderful.

This is YOUR life, YOUR journey… When you let go and trust in yourself, you invite the authentic answers that already reside within you to greet you with comfort and ease. They are already there waiting just for you.  They always have been. So, be BIG and BOLD, my friend. Be still and go within and be true to yourself. As you let go, trust. TRUST yourself. No one is more connected to you than YOU. TRUST the Universe. It always has your back- all you have to do is open your beautiful arms towards it and take it in. You will find your peace in the present moment and this peace will carry you as you venture into new and exciting escapades that await you, shaping and molding you into exactly who you were meant to be every step of the way.

For today, I create a quiet and still place to go within – to let go and trust in myself and the Universe to guide me to the authentic answers I know are already hold deep within me.


fullsizerender2015Jo Pessin, A Thoughtful Way

Almost 30 years ago Jo came to out to Los Angeles to study Psychology at UCLA and fell in love with the excitement of all that LA has to offer: its arts, spiritual communities, shops, restaurants and most of all, its colorful array of amazing people. She rooted down and  has never left. Today, as a mother of two beautiful children, she is inspired to bring calm and thoughtfulness to their busy lives through meditation and visualization. It is from this that a life-long journey to pursue the calling of healing and spreading joy has ensued.

Through her private practice, A Thoughtful Way, she serves as a Hypnotherapist, Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator, educator and speaker, helping many adults, teens and children maneuver through their journeys with peaceful, life changing self -explorations. In addition, as a hypnotherapist at weSPARK, an amazing cancer support center in Sherman Oaks, she gives her nurturing guidance to those touched by cancer.

In an attempt to do her part for Tikkun Olam, making the world a better place, Jo’s heart is always open to giving her time and expertise to help others connect with their inner calm, strength and beauty.


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