Easy’s playful diner fare

Easy’s, the new brightly lit diner that sits on the second floor of the Beverly Center, is the only food on this level. Booths and bar seating are ready for your sugar and fat cravings from 10 am to 10 pm daily. This neo-vintage Americana corner in the newly updated mall is just one of the many new concepts from celebrity restauranteur extraordinaire Jeremy Fall, who is just 28 years old.

The menu is perfect for rich crave-worthy brunches or late night sweets. Expect a crazy fun menu with breakfast all day, snacks, sides, sandwiches, burgers, salads (yes, some healthy options) and indulgent sugary desserts. The Nighthawk Breakfast Bar is adjacent to the diner for take-out too.

Fried chicken and funnel cake

My favorite new menu item is the cookie dough scoops that appear like ice cream but are sinfully doused with Fruity Pebbles Cereal crumble (Yabba Dabba Dough) and mini chocolate chip cereal bites (Cookie Monster), depending on what flavor you order. Milk and giant cookies, as well as the Donut Crumb French Toast, make eating out more fun.

Cookie dough for dessert

Other heftier highlights on the Easy’s menu include FCBLT (Fried CHicken BLT) and the delicious lamb burger smeared with goat cheese, garlic ketchup, pickled fennel, spicy slaw, and tzatziki mayo. Move over chicken and waffles because here comes the whimsical chicken and funnel cake (although we preferred the FCBLT since the funnel cake was a bit dry).


Weirder options popped up too like BBQ Jackfruit ribs, CaliPasta with rice noodles, yellow squash, and tofu avocado cream, and a tuna fish salad with Sriracha mixed in the tuna on top of a bed of lettuce with fried wontons, which felt very 1950’s housewife style. Crinkly old school looking fries called Easy’s Bag of Chips arrive in a bag pre-seasoned with your choice of flavors like cheddar and vinegar, steak and potato, and BBQ.

The lightest or healthiest options we could find were the Beet Hummus and the Corn Tacos with red onion and smoked paprika with queso Cotija. Two dishes other diners told us not to miss are the Crawfish Pappardelle and the Duck Parmesan. More menu items will be included soon.

corn tacos

Coming here just for cocktails also makes sense. Spiked milkshakes aka Tang Julius will delight you cravings with vanilla vodka, Tang syrup, and Thrifty vanilla ice cream. Cocktails with Kool-Aid might be sickeningly sweet, but sickeningly fun like Crunk Juice on tap with dark rum, tropical punch Kool-Aid syrup, and lemon and orange juice. Kimchi Bloody Mary, a Cereal Old Fashioned with raisin bran infused bourbon, and Ladies who Lunch with peach-cranberry fruit rollup syrup play to my generation’s taste buds.

lamb burger

Easy’s isn’t afraid to bring you something with a flavor from childhood, something that’s innovative, but Easy. “In short, Easy’s is the twisted lovechild of Tupac and The Fonz.”


Beverly Center

8500 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048





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