TopFav Fitness Finds at IDEA World Fitness Convention

The IDEA World Fitness Convention is huge! I mean ginormous! The 2015 LA conference kicked off on Wednesday, July 17th with pre-con certification programs from morning through the night, and then took off in full force the next day with lectures, workshops, workouts that took up the whole LA Convention Center and Westin Hotel conference halls, and packed the LA Convention Showroom floor, holding over 600 booths with every current fitness & nutrition trick of the trade, and ran all the way through Sunday with book-end certification programs, well into the late afternoon. The whole venue was abuzz with excitement, as fitness professionals at all levels of expertise, from master to novice, swarmed the place to find and give the newest and best “it” fitness trends. It was super inspiring and at times overwhelming. But, the gems I found; I give to you!

Ahnu YogaSport Shoe

When I slipped these bad boys onto my feet I leapt into straight heaven. Wow! They are light as a feather and snug like a glove. Putting them into action on the grass and the sand was the next step to greatness for my Andiamo Body Beachside Booty Boost which consists of a trifecta of boot camp, cardio and yoga. My Anhu YogaSport shoes were absolutely undeniable in both locals. They provided just the right amount of support from their featured Numentum Technology, adapted for yoga-infused hybrid workouts where you need supportive stability, integrated flexibility and ultra lightweight comfort.

Three styles are available for a range for “On the Mat, Low Impact, and High Impact support.” Ahnu also created their own yoga-infused hybrid workout program for a perfect balance of strength, flexibility and cardio. Slip a pair on and get ready to workout like you have nothing but love on your feet.

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TOPO Athletic Shoe

Topo Athletic Women's Fli-Lyte running shoes (photo: courtesy of Topo Athletic)
Topo Athletic Women’s Fli-Lyte running shoes (photo: courtesy of Topo Athletic)

TOPO Athletic footwear uses a Natural-fit philosophy based on 3 tenants: Shape, Platform and Weight. Topo provides a selection of shoes for ACU-Running (running stride training program), Trail, and the Gym.

Because of the years of pounding on my knees, arthroscopy surgery in my 20’s and creeping arthritis, my runs are solely on soft sand. So, I need as shoe that is light, supportive, and gives me the toe to heel sequence for a more natural run, and therefore the least amount of impact on my body. And, of course they have to look awesome!

Well, I have finally found my match! Topo Athletic designs shoes that “work with your body, not for your body, to enhance natural movement” They are created by athletes who understand how the human body moves best. I love looking at my Topo Fli-Lyte shoes. I love wearing my Fli-Lyte shoes. And, I love running in my Fli-Lyte shoes. You undoubtedly will love your Topo shoes too, whichever type and style you slip onto your active feet! And, their motto…can you get truer than this? “Better is not an accident. Stronger is not a gift. Faster is not a coincidence. It’s a choice.”

Watch my awesome Fli-Lyte shoe in motion…

Lole Fitness Fashion

Rochelle with Lole Women, Jennifer and Fatan, at IDEA World Fitness Convention
Rochelle with Lole Women, Jennifer and Fatan, at IDEA World Fitness Convention

I fell in love with Lole immediately for their unique fabrics, bright yellow, slate grey and crisp white color scheme of their White Tour Collection designed by creative director, Andy The-Anh (cuz it happens to be my color scheme for Andiamo Body), and the women that are a part of Lole. The ladies were so sweet, welcoming, fun to talk with, and they were super excited about their brand.

Lole is not just a fitness clothing company, Lole is a world-wide movement, inspiring women to congregate, find peace and flow together on their signature yellow mat in Europe, Canada and the USA. The designs of their Lole White Tour events are really quite beautiful and impressive. Look for their White Tour, destined for Los Angeles this year.


Teeki Self-Sustaining Active Wear

Teeki (photo: courtesy of
Teeki (photo: courtesy of

I admit it. I’m a self-proclaimed Teeki groupie. I am in love with the concept, design and feel of Teeki yoga pants and tops. Made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, and designed for the inner mermaid within you, Teeki feels phenomenal, dries incredibly fast, and wears incredibly well. I’ve had women and men stop me in the most random places to tell me they like my Teeki pants or ask me what they are. It’s nuts. I love, love, love, love them – all of them.

Created by a surfer, diver, yogi and FIDM graduate and designer, Lindsay Hemric, who was looking to create active wear that could be used for all that she loves and does, they are simply put – perfect. Her creations are feminine, beautiful, eco-friendly, and just feel so flipping fantastic to wear. I want to slop Teeki on everyday. Actually, I think a practically do.

Spinning with Schwinn & Equinox

Riding Schwinn + Equinox (photo: courtesy of Equinox)
Riding Schwinn + Equinox (photo: courtesy of Equinox)

First of all, please understand that I am a spinning snob. I love spinning. The first time I got on a spin bike, it totally brought back the feeling of being a kid racing around the curves of the road and round and round the velodrome. It brought immediate pure happiness for me. And, it may just be my favorite gym activity in the world.

But, I am sick and tired of all the gimmicks around town. You can’t go to a single spin studio without getting instruction to engage in knee damaging tap-backs, ridiculously told to lift 1 or 2 pound weights or do “push-up” over the handlebars (that don’t do a dang thing), or jog or dance upon your toes and finger tips. I guess studio owners think that they have to liven up the ride to keep customers engaged. But, these gimmicks are simply dangerous and ineffective.

The only place I’ve found, the only training I’ve gotten, the only ride that is truly authentic, powerful, and fantastic is with Schwinn. And, who is all about the Schwinn ride? You’ve got it…Equinox! Equinox has found a way to track the riders’ success individually and collectively, and masterfully incites motivating competition. Now, that’s the kind of addition I’m all in for. The rides are super fun and challenging, while mimicking an authentic ride. I’m still looking, but I think that the combo of Schwinn and Equinox spinning classes  are just simply the very, very best.

Shockwave Workout

This invigorating workout designed and mastered by only the very greats in the business, Julz Arney, Jeffrey Scott, 2015 Fitness Instructor of the Year, Amy Dixon, and of course the ShockWave Workout co-creator and Olympic rowing champion, Josh Crosby, rocked my world at IDEA, and I was just a mere observer. This workout had me so pumped I was whooping and hollering and running into the workout arena to snap close up pictures. I cannot wait to hit an Equinox gym and actually partake in this incredibly powerful, endurance and strength driven circuit training program.

Shockwave is more than just a circuit because they’ve built-in competition within the individual and teams that just won’t stop. The tenets: “test your limits, do your best, support your team, compare and compete, hustle on through!” You’re set up to top your best with each and every hard-core round of awesome activities. And, at the center is Josh Crosby’s rowing machine. It’s different from any other rower on the market because of how it’s made and how it glides authentically. “WaterRower’s unique WaterFlywheel mimics the dynamic resistance of a boat gliding across the water, while providing a soothing wave-like sound. Just like rowing on water, resistance increases as your speed and intensity increases. You choose your own pace and enjoy the power of water without getting wet” (ShockWave). Plus, the WaterRower GX Rowing Machine is aesthetically quiet beautiful.

One of the great moments of the work out was when Josh Crosby and NFL Super Bowl XLVII Champion, Brendon Ayanbadejo, went head to head on the rower. Everyone was going absolutely bonkers, as Jeffrey Scott commentated the race. Who won the match-up? By a smidgen, with serious determination and a bit of pumping up and talking smack with his fellow competitor, it was Brendon. And, I loved Josh’s reaction. It was pure joy and exaltation, showing awesome sportsmanship and real love of the sport. And, who offers this awesome workout? Of course, Equinox. And, other gyms are signing up too. Catch it wherever you can!

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